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Fit & Finish In Full Attendance

Lululemon Athletica Workout Apparel

Details. Exemplary attention to detail. That was the recurring theme that came to mind over and over on a recent test of Lululemon workout apparel. With our collegiate athletic issue gear singing its requiem we sought to test out Lululemon after hearing numerous people swear by it. Coming into the review skeptical but optimistic, we’re…

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Better Party Pants

Roots Original Sweatpants

Roots Original Sweatpants are sweats at their best. 80/20 Cotton and Polyester, drawstring waist, elastic cuff bottoms (but not too tight), pockets, and Roots heritage logo on the leg. Better than your average party pants, Roots are pair of sweats are plush without feeling synthetic (a result of too much poly) and perfect for pj’s,…

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Developed By the U.S. Navy Seals... Enough Said

TRX Suspension Trainer

Working out should be an integral part of your life. Maintaining consistency with your workouts is probably the hardest part for many of you (it certainly is for us). Trips, late nights at the office, meeting up with friends, and being tired all make it incredibly easy to start skipping your workouts. With that in…

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Revising Your Fitness Routine

Routines Are Good, Change Is Better Ed: The face one might expect when seeing Patrick at the gym. I’ll be the first to endorse developing a routine at the gym. Repeating exercises week to week allows your body to adapt and thus become better at them (i.e. stronger, better conditioned). Personally, I like to have…

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Hydryx Hard-Core Workout Towel

Maximum Sweat Absorbtion… And Cooling Despite its resemblance to a shamoiee, this is a towel    [click on image to enlarge] As men, we spend boat loads of money on gym memberships, proper footwear and even the latest iPod peripherals but we never think twice about the one mainstay in our workouts… the gym towel….

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Door Gym Chin Up Bar

Working out at home is an oxymoron. Why would one want to work out when there are televisions, football games on television, beer, or hell – video games? Purchasing massive home fitness equipment is often a terrible investment since the most your Bowflex will ever do is bow to the dust bunnies. Keep the gym…

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Ferrari Unica Home Gym

It’s tough to get your head around the idea of owning a gym based around the design of a Ferrari, but then we’d hope that if you purchased this gym you’d already have one or two actual Ferraris parked outside your home to assuage those wonderments. Everything from the pulley detailing to the seating is…