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If Tarantino Loved It, Chances Are, You Will Too

Inglorious Bastards (Original) on Blu-Ray

Yes, though you may not have known it, the upcoming Quentin Tarantino film is actually a remake of this 1978 international smash. Originally characterized by the ad tag line, “Whatever The Dirty Dozen did, they do it dirtier!” and available tomorrow for the first time on Blu-ray, the film chronicles a gang of condemned criminals…

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The Pinnacle of Blu-ray?

Oppo Blu-ray BDP-83 Player

July 6th, for most men, will always be remembered as the second day of recovery following the summer’s worst hangover. However, this July 6th was a day most videophiles had marked on their calendar (re: nerds like me) for an entirely different reason. That’s because the long awaited Oppo Blu-ray BDP-83 finally hit the market….

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Kiss Choppy Streaming Goodbye

Belkin Gigabit Powerline HD Starter Kit

HD video is a blessing and a curse. As sports fans, gamers, and movie buffs, the instant we gazed upon those eye-searing lines of vertical resolution there was just no turning back to standard definition. The trouble is, witnessing Kobe’s facial expressions in glorious 1080p while defending Courtney Lee comes at the expense of added…

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The New King of the Projector Mountain?

Samsung SP-A900

High-end home theater projectors are clearly a luxury that not every man can afford. However that doesn’t preclude us from drooling like a village idiot every time the technology advances. On that note, Samsung has announced the release of it’s new flagship projector, the SP-A900. Touted as improving upon the design of its predecessor the…

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The Most Energy Efficient Flat Panel HDTV Ever

Samsung UN46B7000 LED Green HDTV

Until OLED really takes off in the consumer market, LED backlit LCD screens (yes that’s what these TVs are, not LED TVs) like the Samsung UN46B7000 will be riding the cutting edge of HDTV technology. That’s because screens of this type have several advantages over their normal LCD & Plasma based brethren. First, their size….

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Multitasking Audio & Video, at a Great Price

Sony STR-DG920 Receiver Review

Home theater receivers have always been intimidating products, especially for first time buyers. Four years ago though, picking the best device hinged solely on audio performance. The advent of HDMI and advances in video processing, however, have now changed the game. To serve as both the brains and brawn of home entertainment, modern receivers must…

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Sony HDR-TG1

For Full HD Camcorders, Does Size Really Matter? For manufacturers like Sony, the competition has always been about making cutting-edge technology smaller and lighter. In the race to make the smallest, lightest, AND slimmest full HD camcorder in the world, Sony has beaten everyone to the punch. Putting the power of 1920x1080i high definition recording…

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Flip Mino – Customized

Giving Non-Movie Stars Much Deserved Fame, One Hour At A Time While we may not be the first blog to feature Flip’s latest miniature video creation, we are certain that no other site has ever made it look so damn good. Or tested it as hard we did, for that matter. Why? Because over the…

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Vizio XVT 1080p LCD HDTV

47 Inches Of Football Watching Splendor Gear Patrol already established that it’s football season and asked whether you follow NFL or College football. We showed you that subscribing to DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket will advance your football consumption to dangerous awesome levels and winning a Titlecraft Fantasy Football Trophy is one of the best rewards…

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A DVD Player Worth 1080 words. [Editor's Choice]

Oppo DV-981HD Up-Converting DVD Player

Now that the dust has settled from the duel between Blu-Ray and HD DVD, you might wonder why in the world we’d feature a player that, after all is said and done, still only plays standard DVDs. Let’s start with three reasons: You’ve dumped a slew of change on your DVD collection, and unless your…

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Vizio XVT Series 1080p LCD/Plasma

[click on image to enlarge] Vizio, a brand you may have once brushed off heading directly for the Samsung and Sony units when looking for hdtv’s may now have your undivided attention. Overpriced technology is for the birds. Vizio’s new XVT Series of LCD’s and Plasmas are setting the bar for value at a new…

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Sanyo Xacti HD1010 1080i Camcorder

This is Sanyo’s update to the Xacti pistol grip handheld camcorder line. A 1080i HD 30 frame per second camcorder with improved image stabilization, face-recognition (called ‘Face Chaser’) 4 megapixel stills at 7 frames per second, and a very Michael Bay movie-esque flattering 300fps slow-motion mode. The Sanyo Xacti HD1010 weighs in at 9.9 ounces…