20 slices of pie. Repeat.

Combat Holiday Overeating with the HIIT Workout

You’re outnumbered. At the time of battle you are one man up against a battalion of holiday comestibles so enticing and made with such love that it’s near impossible to imagine not eating them all: cheeses and charcuterie, spiced pistachios, herbed popovers, potato mash, various crostini of unknown constituents, assorted root vegetables -- roasted -- cassoulet, a standing rib roast. It’s not like you haven’t been wading through poultry and roasted meats since Thanksgiving. Plus, the harsh reality is that between extra-fortified eggnog and Champagne you’re two sheets, approaching three, to the wind.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) | GP Fitness Week 1

[ Week 1: High Intensity Interval Training | Week 2: The Truth About Cardio ] With summer around the corner it’s not too late to shed the last of your winter weight and hit the beach with confidence. Every Wednesday in June Gear Patrol will bring you our take on fitness. If you’re as busy...