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Reach your full potential

Blank Slate Climbing Training Board

We know you’re busy, hey we are too. Making it to the gym isn’t always an option, and unless you’ve got a couple hundred square feet to spare, home workouts can get tired fast. Take boredom out of the equation and keep your muscles guessing with the Blank Slate Training Board ($129). Just like that…

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Perfect Pullup

Chances are, there’s a pull up bar somewhere in your home that doesn’t really do much more than provide a place to hang your clothes or do a few basic pullups. Hence the need to for the Perfect Pullup. This writer’s had a few months now with the Perfect Pullup and can attest to its…

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Kinetic by Kurt – Rock and Roll

I’m all about finding a dual purpose for products. Granted, my desire for an iPhone with a built-in bottle opener hasn’t come to fruition, but I imagine someone is hard at work devising such a beast. Until then, I’ll settle for music. Recently, I sold my Raleigh bike due to the fact that mountain bikes…

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Door Gym Chin Up Bar

Working out at home is an oxymoron. Why would one want to work out when there are televisions, football games on television, beer, or hell – video games? Purchasing massive home fitness equipment is often a terrible investment since the most your Bowflex will ever do is bow to the dust bunnies. Keep the gym…