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Timepieces for the Beach, the Mountains or just Manning the Grill

Summer Hours: Great Casual Watches for the Season

Five new watches ready for the mountains, the beach, or just manning the grill. Put one on and don’t take it off until Labor Day.

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Lux Luger

Hublot Sledge

Usually, when materials like carbon fiber, steel, ash wood and hand-sewn leather come together you expect to hear them with the likes of Bentley or Rolls Royce. But in this case, they form the components of Hublot’s luxury luge. Only ten of these sledges have been made, built in collaboration between Hublot and Lausanne University…

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Hublot Big Bang Black Ceramic Black Magic | 301.CX.130.RX

[click on image to enlarge] The “Big Bang” marks Hublot’s new Fusion concept. With a mix of sportiness and elegance. Either way, it looks incredible. The casing is black ceramic and 44.5mm and inside you’ll find the new Jacquet 1859 mechanical movement with an automatic winding mechanism visible throug hit’s exposition backing. Other components include…