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Putting off aires

McIntosh McAire

While iDevices flipped the consumer audio industry ass over tea kettle in a brush of a click wheel, the audiophile world stubbornly weathered the storm for years, hoping the digital compression nightmare might just vanish away in time. The introduction of the McIntosh McAire hints that convenience is gaining ground with the stuffy, stubborn niche…

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Arcam rCube

The Arcam rCube is another high-end iPhone dock to hit the home audio market along the lines of the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air. What sets Arcam’s offering apart from the rest is the Sonos-like ability to wirelessly network up to four rCubes throughout the house, using an included USB dongle, for a complete home…

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Jaw Dropping

Vita Audio R4 Integrated Music System

Shelf friendly stereos with integrated iPod docks seem to be a dime a dozen these days, and subsequently we tend to steer clear of most of them. Something as sexy looking as the Vita RA Integrated Music System ($830) though is just too hard to ignore. Putting its gorgeous minimalist case design aside for a…

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Dual Sinks In the Bathroom. Dual iPhone Chargers Bedside.

iHome iP88G Dual iPod/iPhone Dock

The adage of “two’s company” must have been what iHome had in mind when they took their now ubiquitous iHome iPod dock/alarm clock and retooled it to handle two iPods or iPhones. As a strong evolution in the series, the new iHome iP88G is a well featured package and comes a surprisingly long way from…

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Alesis MultiPort

A $200 professional grade iPod and computer recording device. That pretty much sums up the Alesis Multiport. Perfect for musicians, DJ’s and prosumers looking for a straightforward and quick solution. It records directly to iPod Classics, 5th generation iPods and 2nd or 3rd generation iPod Nanos. The MultiPort has built-in level meters, headphone monitoring, integrated…

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Vers 2x

In a world of plastic and aluminum electronics it’s nice to find that there are still those that embrace the always-in-style wood. In this case, a hand-crafted cherry iPod dock. The Vers 2x plays and charges all iPods (sans the Shuffle) with it’s included 8 iPod adaptors and produces gorgeous room-filling sound via two 3″…

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iHome Cycler

Perfect for your next getaway to a warmer place or this coming summer excursions iHome’s Cycler is a water-resistant iPod speaker enclosure perfect for the beach, pool, and your bike. The water bottle like design clamps to your bike frame just where your water bottle wood with it’s enclosed mounting bracket and can be controlled…

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Numark iDJ2

[click on image to enlarge] Ever been to a party or event and wondered why the music was so awful it made you wonder what era the DJ was from? How many times can one listen to “Crazy” in one year? Well, if you’ve got a current generation iPod and about $600 then you can…

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Mondo Mint iPod Dock

The Mondo Mint is a small but mighty high-fidelity digital amplifier that will bring a new dimension to the way you experience your music. The Mint setup includes one mini digital amplifier with built in dock, two powerful bookshelf speakers, a mini remote control and an extra wireless dock for true in-home mobility. 70 watts…