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Today in Gear: December 12, 2013

Recon Instruments Snow2 HUD Used to be you tied some flat sticks to your feet and slid down a mountain, desperately avoiding trees. These days, kids — with their gadgets and gizmos and rap music — get all the thrill of skiing and then some. Snow2 is a small HUD unit that fits inside the…

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Today in Gear: October 24, 2013

Fujifilm X-E2 An upgrade from Fujifilm’s XE-1, XE-2 features a high-powered 16.2MP X-Trans CMOS II sensor inside a reasonably affordable interchangeable-lens shooter. A split image focusing system, whip-fast autofocus, high speed 1080p video capability, wi-fi file transfer and a shiny new LCD screen round out the features. Pair an 18-55mm/2.8-4 zoom lens with the body…

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Lock, Stock and Barrel

The Birth of a Barrel

Building a barrel? Sounds lame, especially when there’s a million more K-Pop stars waiting to be discovered singing about their hood. Wrong. Hold off on “Gangham Style Dubstep remix” for a few minutes and watch something that really matters for once, you sap. You owe these barrels. After all, this special breed made at Jack…

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Vintage goods in full regale

Shopped: 12 Picks from the Pop Up Flea

Below you’ll find a dozen-ish picks from the Pop Up Flea. Given our druthers we would have snagged the whole lot, but alas we left with only a few… at least for today. If you’re in New York, be sure to make it down to 159 Bleecker street — wallet in tow — because there…

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Honey Baked Jack

Tasting Notes: Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Whiskey

When it comes to an American spirit, it doesn’t really get any more tried, true and blue than a handle of Old No. 7. So you can imagine our surprise when we unboxed a bottle of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Whiskey ($22). After getting over the initial shock of the bottle’s packaging that says more…

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Jack Daniel’s Single Whiskey Barrel

240 Bottles of J.D. – Almost Enough To Get You Through The Holidays You probably don’t know this, but there’s a pretty popular drink called Jack Daniel’s Whiskey. It’s a semi-famous drink distilled in Lynchburg, Tennessee (population: 361) and it’s been around since 1866. You probably don’t know that it might be one of America’s…