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Looking and playing the part

Logitech Easy-Switch Keyboard & Rechargeable Trackpad for Mac

The typical Mac user’s desktop setup is a uniform of brushed aluminum, displayed with pride and reverence. Many accessory makers have tried break into the clique with lures of enhancements — but few take the bait, for fear of marring their Cupertino livery.

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Scrub a dub, keyboard in a tub

Logitech Washable Keyboard

Keyboards are underrated and mistreated. Face it: the thing your fingers are resting next to right now is absolutely filthy — you disgusting pig, you. Luckily for you, the Logitech Washable Keyboard ($40) can be cleansed of its grime, just like a stack of dirty dishes. Using UV coating and laser-printed symbols for durability, the…

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Making Home Theater Computing That Much Easier

Adesso Wireless SlimTouch Mini Touchpad Keyboard for Mac

Recently when we purchased a Mac Mini to use mainly as a home theater computer in our lab, we started searching for a great wireless keyboard that would make navigating the computer from the couch an easy affair. After a thorough hunt, we came across the Adesso wireless SlimTouch Mini Touchpad Keyboard. Very lap friendly…

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You've Got to Type, You May as Well Look Good Doing It

Logitech diNovo Edge Mac Edition

To date, it’s been tough to find a 3rd party keyboard capable of matching the aesthetic gorgeousness of Mac hardware. Happily, Logitech has stepped up to create a Mac-centric version of their diNovo Edge keyboard that is both extremely beautiful and packing some special functionality. The first thing you notice when laying hands on the…

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Swedx Wood TV/Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse

Some guys like their accessories in cool black. Some like them in smooth stainless steel. And some like them sheathed in wood. (?) For those that prefer lumber and lacquer over brushed and midnight, then looking into Swedx wood peripherals might be the best option out there. The XV1-19 LCD TV and Monitor is a…

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Kensington Ci70 Keyboard

I work on a laptop every day. Granted it’s hooked up to an Apple Cinema Display and an Apple Keyboard, but I purposely got the new Apple Keyboard that emulates the keys found in the newer MacBooks and MacBook Air (which for sake of disclosure is the laptop I work on). To the chagrin of…

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Optimus Maximus Keyboard

[click on image to enlarge] The Optimus Maximus keyboard. It’s finally available. Beyond sounding like a former Radio Shack product or a new Transformers character you should know that this is something you’re going to want as soon as we tell you more about it. Look carefully at that picture (or enlarge it). Notice the…

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Panic Button

Every office has one of those co-workers who gets panicked at the idea of a computer error. At the next office gift exchange make sure you get them the Panic Button. Even better: buy one, put it on their keyboard, sit back and watch. The panic button is designed to look like a normal keyboard…