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Changing the landscape of home lawn care

Tested: Kobalt 40V Max Outdoor Power Equipment

The Kobalt 40V Max Outdoor Power Equipment ($149-$399) lineup is Lowe’s new family of cordless yard care products. With two lawnmowers, a string trimmer, hedge trimmer, leaf blower, pole saw and chainsaw available at launch at affordable price points, their comprehensive collection seems aimed at homeowners who are ready to wholeheartedly embrace the cordless revolution. With a full selection charged, ready and waiting just outside of Jacksonville, we ditched our parkas and went to work.

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Portable, with Power to Spare

No Strings Attached: Best Cordless Power Tool Combo Kits

We tackled a variety of chores, from the simplest deck demolition to re-framing the interior of a house, to help you choose the right path for your cordless cash. Here are our picks for the cordless power tool kits — including a drill/driver of some sort, a circular saw and a reciprocating saw — that do it best, along with notes on each individual tool.

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Screw Your Best

Kobalt Double-Drive Screwdriver

Kobalt’s new Double-Drive Screwdriver ($20) features a unique all-metal gear system that channels both clockwise and counterclockwise ratcheting motions toward turning the screw. This increased motion harnessing efficiency makes the screwdriver twice as fast as the traditional ratcheting variety (or so Kobalt claims). To engage the double drive, users must grip the front blue collar…

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Kobalt 26-Gallon Compressor with 6-Tool Kit

Kobalt is a new generation of tools that set function first never forgetting durability or aesthetics. I’m a bit of a do it yourself kind of guy and a good set of power tools never sets me off in the wrong direction. The 26-gallon compressor from Kobalt gives me 15mps and 3,900 RPM worth of…