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Now your see it, now you don't

BE Light by QisDesign

The BE Light by QisDesign may not boast the ridiculous lifespan of the CSYS LED task lamp, but it does represent an ideal combination between form and function. Inspired by the art of origami, its articulating design allows users to extend the arm to a variety of positions, providing fully dimmable, warm white LED light…

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A lamp for a lifetime

CSYS LED Task Light by Jake Dyson

Any stylish LED desk lamp will dwarf their standard incandescent compadres in terms of energy efficiency. Jake Dyson’s CSYS LED task light (~$850) nearly triples the average life time of other LED bulbs though by reducing the wear and tear that normally comes from overheating. Using heat pipe technology originally developed for satellites and computing,…

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Light Reading

Secret Passageway Switch by B.Light Design

When it comes to home design, — it doesn’t get any cooler than having your own secret passage way. If you can’t have the real thing, though, designer Ben Light’s (that’s seriously his last name) Secret Passageway Switch ($50) is definitely the next best alternative. This clever hack is designed to work with most book/lamp…

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Fly by design

Plane Pieces Inc.

The airplane stands in the pantheon of man’s most amazing engineering feats. So it seems fitting that the folks at Plane Pieces Inc. have developed a knack for recycling classic plane parts into stunning accents for the home. Thanks to relationships with prop manufacturers, repair shops, and designers — they collect and polish vintage parts…

Royal Marine Tripod Table Lamp
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Inspired by the Sea to Help You See

Royal Marine Tripod Table Lamp

Sailors bound to an office instead of their boat can still showcase their nautical leanings to colleagues with this Royal Marine Tripod Table Lamp ($395). More than just a clever design for supporting a light bulb, instead Restoration Hardware has meticulously reproduced the construction of a British surveyor’s tripod complete with machine-turned gear mechanism and…

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Evolved Light

Nistor and Nistor Evolutive Design Lamps

From across the Atlantic, the Nistor and Nistor Evolutive Design Collection of lamps are more than just objects that produce light and look great. They’re a perfect addition of simple elegance and style that instantly breathes life into the darkness known as your man cave. Inspired by the idea of being able to interact, shape,…

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Lighten Up

Studio Dunn Cumberland Lamps

Now that the weather is getting hospitable, chances are you’re probably spending time outside in the evenings and enjoying your patio, deck, or porch. Outside of climate and a comfy chair to sit in, lighting plays a major role in setting the mood of your outdoor space. Based on our own personal preferences for a…

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Bright, Energy Efficient, and Oozing with Style

z-Bar High Power LED Desk Lamp

A flexible, bright desk lamp is a must have for any guy who spends time toiling away in a home office. The z-Bar High Power LED Desk Lamp ($170) has both qualities in spades along with killer modern looks which make it in like Flynn for bachelor pads and man caves. Sporting 6 next generation…

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Simple Design For Striking Lines

Tab Table Lamp

The Tab table lamp is constructed from a painted die-cast aluminum body and equipped with a porcelain reflector for adding great style and direct lighting to any table in your home. Sold in three modern colors and designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, the Tab’s simplistic cut provides an amazingly striking look. Measuring 12.8″…

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Hand Grenade Lamp

Military looking accessories are in. Why they are we’ll leave to your own personal judgements, but if you’re looking for the perfect item to decorate your house with that’s guaranteed to make someone either want to yell “Frag Out!!” or pick it up and wonder then the Hand Grenade lamp is it. The hand grenade…

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Alter Ego Lamps

Humor is good. You’ve got to have a sense of it to be charming or witty and an occasional expression of that in your lifestyle is even better. The Alter Ego lamps let you take on just a little edge and humor with your choice of ‘Diablo’ or ‘Oliver’, aptly named after their styles. We’ll…

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Herman Miller Leaf

The Herman Mill Leaf lamp offers maximum lighting options with minimal mass in an intriguing, organic form and with controls that invite human connection. The proprietary technology also addresses the most vexing problems in existing LED solutions–light intensity and heat build-up. Leaf is designed to give the user a full spectrum of choices to express…