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Letter From The Editor: The Holidays… The Baggage Claim of 2010

With New Year’s nigh, one can’t help but notice the general relief in the air. There seems to be a general feeling that the pending year is chock-a-block with tones of hope and opportunities anew. 2009 has certainly been a memorable year, one filled with its fair share of ups and downs… perhaps more downs…

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Letter From The Editor: You Make This Sh*# Absolutely Worth The Effort

The sixth month of 2009 proved to be a rainy one in New York, but that hardly put a damper on progress here at Gear Patrol; June turned out to be our best month, ever. Normally, I’d be writing the crew now, thanking them for their efforts, but it’s not only them I have to…

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Letter From The Editor: Lets Get Back To Basics

Despite hearsay, I’ve been endeavoring to live a simpler life – relishing in what I feel are the basics. Good friends, good food, and good fun. Not the ever-prevalent desires to buy or impress that have held siege to many victims men this past decade. Somewhere, in the back of our minds, we all knew…

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Letter From the Editor: 2008

2008 will be immortalized as the year I saw grown men fall to their knees as portfolios crumbled and 401k’s vanished. 2008 will be recalled as the year I saw America show the world we were a country of people that could be fooled once, falter twice, yet still demonstrate resiliency and innovation through a…

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Letter From The Editor

Vote. For Mankind. Whether your political pinnings reside with Obama or McCain you should know that tomorrow will be a watershed moment. This year’s election has been such an extraordinary series of unique instances and unprecedented occurences that I think most people have come to take that for granted. Don’t. Honestly, I can tell you…