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Redefining Blow Torch


Cooking over charcoal can impart many excellent flavor characteristics to your meat of choice — lighter fluid just isn’t one of them. Swedish inventor Richard Looft created the Looftlighter ($80) to end charcoal-grilling man’s dependance on the explosive fluid once and for all, granted they have an electrical outlet close at hand. Looking like a…

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Bite Lights

Titanium Peanut & Split Pea Lighters

The Split Pea and Peanut Lighters have gone through several iterations. Made exclusively for County Comm, the latest versions are made of 6AL4V series titanium that’s also available in custom colors. If you’re not familiar with these handy fire sources, the Peanut Lighter measures a mere .5″ x 1.3″ and weighs 19.9 grams — making…

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Use This Neck and Save Yours

Zippo Flex Neck Utility Lighter

The genius who put a lighter at the end of a long stick is hopefully up for canonization in some religion as a finger saving saint. Clearly Zippo’s Flexneck Utility Lighter ($23) is the neck err…next evolution. Thanks to its flexible extension and slim powerful nozzle, with this in your hand, there’s no need to…

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Colibri Xtreme II High Altitude Lighter

Burn Baby Burn I have serious doubts that many of you spend a regular amount of time 13,000 feet above sea level. Well, this is Gear Patrol so maybe you do. If so, then I sincerely hope you’ve got a Colibri XTREME II High Altitude Wind Resistant Butane Lighter packed with your gear. According to…

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Brunton Firelight Windproof Lighter and LED Light

[from Stuff] Fire good! Flick open the cover of this palm-size lighter, click a button and it’s flame on. Fueled by the miracle known as butane, the lighter burns strong even in 80 mph winds. You’ll need a torch that strong atop Mt. Washington in New Hampshire, the site of the fiercest surface gusts ever…