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Twinkle, twinkle...

Map 1: The Northern Sky

Stellavie is an art and design firm based in Hamburg, Germany. Specialising in prints, engravings, greeting cards and paper based lampshades, Steffen Heidemann and Viktoria Klein’s work is clean, precise and limited in supply. Their latest offering, Map 1: The Northern Sky ($78), is an amazingly detailed silkscreen of the stars and constellations that most…

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Tumi x Selectism Alpha Four-In-One Duffle

Luggage powerhouse Tumi has revealed a new limited edition collaboration with the style-focused, globe-trotting team at Selectism. The midnight blue duffle was designed, first and foremost, to be the go to solution for quick business trips, without being confused for your run-of-the-mill carry-on. Subsequently, it includes all of the standard features you’d expect for keeping…

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Good Gets Better

Xetum Tyndall Limited Edition

We reviewed Xetum’s Tyndall and Stinson timepieces shortly after they stepped out on the watch scene and appreciated both models’ blend of California design and Swiss-made guts. Now the up-and-coming brand has released its first limited edition Xetum. This watch features a carbon fiber dial — since man can never have too much of the…

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Making the Best From a Bad Situation

Glennfiddich Snow Phoenix Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Attaching something like “Snow Phoenix” to the name of an otherwise perfectly good bottle of single malt might lead many to think the master distillers have been reading a bit too much Harry Potter after work. The truth is, this special run is actually the result of disaster caused by record snowfall back in January…

Confederate Motorcycles, P120 Fighte
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Dr. Doom Approved

Confederate Motorcycles P120 Fighter

What’s the only thing cooler than a motorcycle that flies? Trick question, nothing is cooler than a flying motorcycle. Since it may be awhile before that’s a reality though, the Confederate P120 Fighter comes in at a very close second. Made by hand, and crafted almost entirely of air craft grade aluminum, the P120 takes…

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Brand Spotlight | FEIT Shoes

Brand Spotlight is a series on Gear Patrol focused on highlighting unique and creative brands we feel should be on men’s radars. Most shoes are made like cars, meaning they are massed produced in an assembly line. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with the efficiencies gained from this approach for certain kinds of kicks, but it…

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The Whip of Choice for Baller Sith Lords

Aston Martin Limited Edition Carbon Black Vantage

The self-proclaimed auto industry-obsessed Autoblog has surfaced another ridiculous spectacle in the world of luxury sports cars. It’s distinguished from standard Aston Martin V12 Vantage sport coupes by its sinister black metallic finish, which apparently looks different depending on the viewing angle and requires over 50 man hours to apply. The inside naturally also received…

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Gap Limited Edition Checked Shirt

Gap’s limited edition European Collection is back with some new choices. The designs conceived in, well, Europe, are crisp and clean with a touch of European style. This blue dove checkered short sleeve shirt is a great addition to the wardrobe this summer. Perfect with a pair of well-fitting cargos. Yes, it’s a short sleeve…

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SCORE BAJA 1000 Limited Edition Icon

Slotted somewhere right in between badass and beast resides the SCORE BAJA 1000 Limited Edition Icon. It’s based off of the unique Icon, which itself is based off the original Toyota Land Cruiser design. Designed by Jonathan Ward, the Score BAJA 1000 Limited Edition Icon features extensive innovative design details like its hand brushed aluminum…

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Limited Edition Massimo Vignelli 1972 New York Subway Map

[click on image to enlarge] I read magazines back to front. It’s a peculiar quirk of mine and there is no explanation. Sometimes it yields surprises – like the arrival of this month’s issue of Men’s Vogue. When I opened the back cover I was greeted with a fold out of the Massimo Vignelli designed…

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De Grisogono Meccanico DG Limited Edition

[click on image to enlarge] The De Grisogono Meccanico DG is an innovative new watch and despite of its digital looks, it’s entirely mechanical. The watch is constructed of 651 separate pieces and contains no LEDs or digital parts. Made out of titanium, this piece is built to last and is going to be in…

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Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Limited Edition

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2 – the sequel to the award-winning next-generation first-person shooter – is back. As the title reveals, you’re back in Sin City taking on an escalating terrorist siege that will mire you in absolute balls-to-the-wall action throughout Las Vegas landmarks. Two new adversarial modes have been added, 11 new multiplayer…

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Porsche Boxster RS 60 Spyder Limited Edition

[click on image to enlarge] The Porsche Boxster RS 60 Spyder is a tribute to the Porsche 718 RS 60 Spyder that won Sebring 48 years ago. And though it is a limited edition Porsche with only 1960 vehicles being produced it’s probably more likely that your dollars will get you one of these than…

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Gears of War 2 Limited Edition

Gears of War was reason enough to own an Xbox 360. The announced Gears of War 2 is more along the lines of a requirement. The epic saga continues with Marcus Fenix and the Delta Squad mired in an even more impossibly outrageous situation against the Locust Horde. Sure, it’s all for the survival of…

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Victorinox Swiss Army Legacy Réserve De Marche Platine

If you haven’t noticed lately a lot of brands out there are trying to get in the watchmaking business. It’s a hot market and we don’t blame them, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there are a burgeoning number of quality timepieces. Our eyes are focused on the venerable manufacture Victorinox Swiss Army with the Victorinox…