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Today in Gear: October 22, 2013

Level Money App Sure, Siri can look up the score from last night’s game, but she can’t stand in for, say, a personal banker. Level will track spending in real time, updating purchases as you make them so you can keep tabs on how your money is put to use. The graphically rich app automatically…

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Fresh prince of Belair

Lomography Belair X 6-12

Few cameras make the transition from digital to film quite as fulfilling as the Belair X 6-12 ($245). This Lomographic high flyer is the world’s first 6 x 12 auto exposure, medium-format camera. Yep, you read that right: medium-format. Lomography and its cult following have been extremely popular in the alternative photography crowd for decades,…

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Can Do Camera

Lomography La Sardina Camera

Lomography’s new La Sardina Camera ($59-$99) is ready to set your inner 35mm film-tinker loose. Packed with super-wide 22mm lens, a rewind dial and max switch for multiple exposures (similar to the Sprocket Rocket model), and an optional Fritz the Blitz Flash attachment — there’s plenty to experiment with. The flash in particular is a…

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30 Minutes with Liad Cohen, Lomography General Manager and Chief of Retail

30 Minutes With: Liad Cohen

We tend to believe that technological advancement in the last 20 years has changed the world mostly for the better. Still, the waning of film-based photography is the worst causality in our books resulting from the collateral damage of the digital age. Thanks to a passionate community of shutterbugs and the style elite, however, analogue…

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Lomography: LC-A

I have invested several thousand dollars into my digital photography habit, but, oddly enough, I find far more enjoyment in playing with a Russian-built film camera. The Lomographic Society International (LSI) has started a grassroots-style movement that encourages people to return to using their old-school film cameras. These cameras are fed with the once quite…