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Today in Gear: February 24, 2014

Today in Gear, we check out a Lotus motorcycle, Tumi luggage for Fido, a spare tire grill, Jack Black’s winter skin remedy and much more.

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Leather & Race

Lotus Originals Heritage Leather Jacket

Auto racing apparel just doesn’t carry the same panache anymore. Case in point, NASCAR shirts. All you have to do to get the good stuff is time travel. The Lotus Originals Heritage Leather Jacket is so classic, it’s about all the fashion racing cred you’ll need. The jacket commemorates the 1948 founding of the Lotus…

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Rally Good

Lotus Exige R-GT, A Return to Rally

You gotta love the World Rally Championship race series. Wickedly cool cars, crazy courses, even crazier drivers and then there are the navigators who apparently never seem to get car sick (unlike us). Well, if that’s your cup of tea, then feast your eyes on the all new Lotus Exige R-GT. Newly released photos show…

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Everything You Need and Nothing You Don’t

Patina: 1960’s Lotus Elan

Lotus has always built cars that are meant to be driven hard and not coddled. Small and lightweight, with surprisingly modest engines, the guiding principle of company founder, Colin Chapman, was to remove extraneous bits and bobs to tip the power to weight ratio in favor of the former. This principle was most evident in…

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Not flower, but V8 power

2011 Team Lotus T128 Formula 1

Formula One is ever-changing and 2011 is no exception. New rules, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. At least we get to look the new vehicular offerings. One car to take notice of is Team Lotus’s T128. The UK-based team aims for this Renault V8 powered car with the high-tech Red Bull Technologies…

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2010 Paris Motor Show | 20 Cars that Matter

The 2010 Paris Motor Show had landed and it wouldn’t be unreasonable to for a man to assume an amplitude of impossibly sexy cars, leggy models, and enough bespoke suits to make the men of Positano blush. Well, if this year’s display of supercar prowess is anything more than a declaration that the recession is…

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Lotus Evora

[click on image to enlarge] It’s official. The Lotus Evora. A ‘grown-up’ Lotus coupe with proper amenities. Say, like an actual interior (see an image of the interior after the jump). The Evora will be powered by a 276 horsepower Toyota sourced V6 that will propel the 2,976 lb. vehicle with typical Lotus-like fury. Again,…

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Lotus Eco Elise

What makes an already incredible sports car an even better one? A touch of eco-ness. Enter, the Lotus Eco Elise. A Lotus Elise made of sustainable materials (hemp hard top, sisal and hand applied water-based paint), flexible solar rooltop panels for the electric systems to reduce drain on engine, and a shift light to advise…

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2008 Lotus Supercharged Elise SC

[click on image to enlarge] We’ve spoken out the Elise here before on Gear Patrol but our love for the car has only grown now that Lotus has unleashed a supercharged version of the Elise Series 2. It wasn’t long ago when Lotus claimed that supercharging the mini super car was not something they planned…

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2007 Lotus Elise Series 2

The 2007 Lotus Elise is a two-seat, rear-wheel-drive, midengine roadster available in one package – seriously awesome. It’s a no-frills exotic with exotic capabilities at a non-exotic price. Imagine buying two middle-of the line Toyota Camry’s and you’ve got yourself an Elise. The interior is incredibly spartan, but in an exotic way you’ll never cease…