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Entry Level for Apple, But Solid None the Less

Apple MacBook (Fall 2009)

Updated in the fall of 2009, Apple’s entry-level MacBook packs a bevy of worth while features that make it a promising computer for those uninterested in PCs and with no need for the more powerful MacBook Pro line. Squeaking in just below the $1,000 price point, the white polycarbonate MacBook now features Apple’s new unibody…

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Dress Your Desk To Impress

Deskology Modern Desk Accessories

Proud owner of a new iMac or Macbook Pro? If so, you’ve probably noticed just how not-cool these brushed aluminum beauties can make the rest of your desk area feel. That’s where Deskology’s Desk Set Professional comes into play. Constructed from 3/16′ thick anodized aluminum material with a matte anodized finish, these modern accessories are…

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Spend $12 to Kiss Cable Expenses Good Buy

Mini Display Port to HDMI

By Gear Patrol Reader Kirk Ward So you went and bought the 13-inch MacBook based on the glowing article posted a few months ago. Kudos to you; that’s a great start. The only problem is, well, (screen) size is everything and this guy is only 13-inches. That’s where the Mini Display Port to HDMI Adapter…

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iPod Nano 4G

Even Baskin Robbins Has Less Flavors [Click Image To Enlarge] Courtesy: Apple Apple’s chucked out a couple new iPods today: the 2nd generation iPod touch and the 4th generation iPod Nano. Apple’s given the Nano a delicious new vertically oriented 2-inch widescreen with Cover Flow, Genius Playlist and a shuffle functionality that works by shaking…