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Mobile. Email. That is all.


I am a creature of habit, to be sure. Of late, you might have noticed me lauding various products that do just what they are designed to do (well). Blame it on my stage in life or even on the floundering economy, but simplicity and functionality have become highly respectable traits to me. The latest…

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Apple iPhone

It’s arrived to fanfare and some degree of sarcastic review by the naysayers but it’s here nonetheless. The Apple iPhone. The iPod turn smartphone turn lust object. It’s equipped with: Optical grade glass touch screen Apple OS X AT&T EDGE WiFi Bluetooth 2.0 4gb or 8gb hard drive Accelerometer to sense which way you’re holding…

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Blackberry Curve

Yesterday marked the release of the much anticipated Blackberry Curve (8300). RIM’s long awaited release of a true multi-media Blackberry device that could continue to handle everyone’s daily bombardment of corporate exchange e-mail in addition to multimedia functions everyone non-berrier had. Well, suffice it to say the Curve does not disappoint. Features: 2.5″ 320×240 display…

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Sony Vaio UX Premium

True mobility is all about widely and easily available internet accessibility, silm and portable components, ease of use, and great design. The Sony UX Premium is just that. It features more cutting edge features, highlighted with: Flash memory based (32GB hard drive, 1GB ram) 4.5″ widescreen XBRITE LCD screen Intel Centrino 1.3 GHz Processor 1.1…