6 Best Beers of Summer
The season's almost ending, crack these open now.
10 Best Daypacks of 2014
Baggage to carry a laptop or hiking equipment.
Best Mega TVs of 2014
With TVs, bigger is better.
5 Best Road Bike Pedals
Upgrade clipping in.
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Nautica Giveaway | Winners!

Thanks to all who entered the Nautica Giftcard Giveaway. Fantastic turnout, especially on Facebook and Twitter. Congrats to Daniel Archer, Timothy Hughes, and Aviv Arad! Hope you gents put those $100 Nautica gift cards to good use. Keep your eyes peeled for an email soon; if not hit us up at sayhello @ gearpatrol ….

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Giveaway | 3x $100 Nautica Gift Cards

Update: This giveaway has ended. See the winners here. Nautica has kindly provided Gear Patrol a trio of $100 gift cards to get you geared up this summer and just in time for Father’s Day. Per our usual, entry is a breeze… of the ocean variety. Just visit Nautica Men’s, pick out an item you…

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Nautica Dresser Valet

As a guy you probably end up with more stuff in your pockets than you realize (insert joke here). If you’re like us then it gets dumped on a counter or table at the end of each day. What about your valuables though? Do you chuck your watch, cellphone and wallet aside as you reach…