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The Scent of a Man

Pit Stop: Scents for Your Underarms

There’s much to recommend drugstore deodorant: it’s cheap, reliable and easy to find. But how about spending a few more dollars to smell like bay rum, limes and peppercorns? Sign on the dotted line and check out our five favorites.

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Briefings: Olympian Sex Feats, London Street Art, Gummy Bears, Old Spice Training, and Marathon Mischievousness

Four long years have bitten the dust since we were last this excited for the (summer) Olympics. Beijing’s opening ceremony knocked our socks off with a terrifying army of perfectly drilled drummers, a crazy high-wire act and a photoshopped fireworks display that was as entertaining as San Diego’s 15-second, shoot-your-wad-early fusillade. London’s got a tough…

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10 Great Grooming Products Under $10

Sometimes it is simply unnecessary to go straight broke buying superfluous grooming products, so we decided that it would be appropriate to highlight ten of the top products that will be sure to leave some extra bucks in your wallet for other unnecessary items to be purchased. These are no-frills products that will not make…