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Dipping Deep Into the Inkwell

In Praise of the (Not Quite So) Expensive Pen

The question that will forever accompany a $1,000 pen is easy to spell out: Why?

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Everyday Carry Essentials: Pens

Without the pen, swords would be the mightiest things in the land. Check forgery would destroy the country. Nerds wouldn’t need pocket protectors. Editors would be defunct. The Declaration of Independence wouldn’t be signed. Scared yet? Fortunately our friends at Everyday Carry, those experts of the utilitarian, have a list of the best pens to keep on hand.

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Writing Off the Wall

Kaweco AC Sport Carbon Fiber Fountain Pen

Since 1883 Kaweco of Germany has been applying their company motto “small in the pocket, great in the hand” in their efforts to produce high end writing implements. Case in point: the AC Sport Carbon Fiber Fountain Pen ($112), which embodies the company motto right down the last dotted ‘I’ and crossed ‘T’. The pen is…

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Writes any wrong

Tuff-Writer Frontline Pen

The Tuff-Writer Frontline ($96) pen fits nicely with any survival EDC with its ability to write anywhere, in any condition. A hermetically sealed thixotropic ink cartridge that’s pressurized to 35 psi, ensures this Excalibolígrafo will write at altitudes of up to 12,000 feet. It’s also functional in temperatures ranging from negative 35–250° F, meaning you…

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A worthy instrument

Montblanc Starwalker Red Gold-Plated Fountain Pen

Who writes anymore? Well, if you’re still a believer in the hand-written thank you note or letter, you’re in our camp. Nothing says class like a well-written (and legible) note to say you’re not just going to send an email that takes 30 seconds to type. And what more motivation do you need than to…

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Noodler’s Inks

Calligraphy is big business. It’s also manly. Has it been hijacked by the fairer sex? For the time being, perhaps, but that doesn’t mean ol’ John Hancock wasn’t afraid to whip out his quill and nib/feed combination when the right cellulose paper called for it. Are you better than John Hancock? We didn’t think so,…

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Measure twice, write once

Cleo Skribent Messograf Caliper Pen

Although we’re Web guys at heart, there’s something to be said for a quality pen. And when that pen is crafted from chromium plated brass and includes a caliper ruler, standard ruler, thread scale and tire tread gauge, all the better. The German-made Cleo Skribent Messograf Caliper Pen ($28) combines form and function for a…

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Penmanship at its deadliest

Smith & Wesson Tactical Pen with Fire Striker

It’s easy to think that all pens are the same, until you come across Smith & Wesson’s Tactical Pen with Fire Striker ($40). This discreet weapon of “math” destruction uses common replaceable Parker or Houser ball point ink cartridges for civilized affairs. Should disaster strike, though, the 6.1″ 6061 hard anodize aluminum casing can serve…

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Bundle Up

Poppin Well-Appointed Desk Set

In the digital age, the analog markers of a thoughtful desk are disappearing faster than our hopes for a 2011-2012 NBA season. Call us old fashioned, but we still find value in having our work stations stand out from the pack of brushed aluminum and little white cords. If you’re a kindred spirit in that…

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Amateurs Need Not Apply

Sharpie Professional Markers

Does your addiction to labeling leave your Sharpie’s drier than a Southern Baptist wedding? Then Sharpie Professional Markers ($4) is made for you. Their professional seal of approval means the stronger tip will last 50% longer than those amateur chisel points you’ve grown to love — ensuring you’ll always have ink to leave your mark…

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Hey, It's Better Than a Pocket Protector

Delfonics Striped Notebook Band with Pen Holder

When it comes to notebooks, we’ll always love our Moleskins. Japanese made Delfonics diaries have often caught our eye though and spotting these striped elastic notebook bands ($17) has renewed our interest. Sure, the idea of paying $17 for a rayon strap with slight leather detailing might seem absurd, but for stationary geeks like us,…

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And A 30 Second Primer To Pens

Lee’s Art Shop

Knowing where to buy your pens is one thing. Knowing what your pens are is an entirely different matter…

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All Pens Are Not Created Equal

Waterman Hemisphere Pen

At Gear Patrol we believe it’s all about the details. So it goes without saying that the half chewed Bic wedged between your ear and skull is simply no longer acceptable at the office, or anywhere for that matter. Instead get a professional look without breaking the bank, with the Waterman Hemisphere. The pen’s contemporary…