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Daily Briefing: 8.23.2011, Style Edition

Yo, Your Street Style is Buggin GQ Interview with Benji Wagner, co-founder and creative director of Poler Camping Stuff Selectism Introducing Ralph Lauren Black Label Denim Por Homme The 12 Original Playboys of the Jetset Sixties, Part 4 Kempt Original Model T | Mark Ohe The Moment Here Is How You Can Have Hair Like…

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Daily Briefing: 7.18.2011

The Portable Big Picture Show WSJ Off Duty Is Anyone There? When Your Email Goes Unanswered NYTimes Road to (capsule): A Moment with Carl Cunow of Onia Por Homme Wall of Touchscreens Makes Fleet Commander a Hutt-Size Star Wars Game Wired 30th Anniversary of Donkey Kong Slashdot World War II in Photos The Atlantic

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Time, food and an evening meal

Timekeeping | Talking Time: Dinner and Watches with MB&F, Hodinkee and Friends

Thursday, 8:00pm | At SoHo House for dinner with Hodinkee, MB&F, Por Homme, and friends to chat watches, gear and generally all around topics of awesome. Not too shabby a way to spend Thursday evening, we think. Photo essay after the jump.