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Give the gift of drink

Gift Guide 2011 | Tasting Notes: 10 Picks for the Drinker

The holidays are quickly approaching, which means you probably haven’t started shopping yet. No worries. At least one of your friends is likely a heavy drinker libations connoisseur, so we rounded up some of our favorite products sure to satisfy even the most discerning drinker. Check below for gift ideas, and remember –- it’s best…

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A Lamp For Your Office or Garage

Marina Task Clamp Lamp

Whether a man’s workspace is a desk with a computer, or a tool bench, it needs to contribute to his productivity. Thus light, and subsequently the light source, are critical component of the workspace equation. While we’ve covered plenty of acceptable lamps here on GP, the Marina Task Lamp ($129) is particularly versatile thanks to…

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A Wino's Fixture of Choice

Pottery Barn Wine Bottle Chandelier

Distinctive in every sense of the word, this Wine Bottle Chandelier from Pottery Barn ($399) is a creative fixture any wine lover can appreciate. Weighing 30 pounds and measuring 18″ in diameter, 33″ high, with a 6 foot chain for hanging, this chandelier is a manageable dining room table friendly size that won’t give those…

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Organizing With A Touch Of Yore

Pottery Barn Rustic Wall Organizer

Spruce up your drab office corkboard or dry-erase with a vintage touch. In this case: burlap and slate. Pottery Barn’s Rustic Wall Organizer ($19-$199) comes in either a burlap-covered pinboard with vintage postmarkings, whiteboard calendar, or our favorite: a magnetic surface chalkboard that lets you jot notes and Beautiful Mind inspired scribblings. All organizers are…

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Give Your Libations a Proper Home

Markham Console Bar

For the man who seeks to exude class and refinement, the storage and application of one’s stash of imbibers can be a make-or-break factor. That is to say, rummaging through a kitchen cabinet or reaching atop the fridge to access your well-cultivated spirits selection simply won’t do. Though procuring one requires a decent chunk of…

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Thoughts? Here's A Simple Solution: Write

12 Monthly Notebooks

Whether your keep a journal, diary, or just file away your emails nothing beats having a way to reflect and look back on your year than some handwritten diatribes and opinions. Complaints included. Pottery Barn has issued a set of 12 monthly journals in varying leather (faux) covers and textures, each with 50 pages to…

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Be An Organization Tour De Force

Pottery Barn Daily System

Being a bit compulsive, a bit obsessive, and certainly with disorder it’s tough to compare myself to Gear Patroller Patrick Tuttle. His tenacity to be on time, with the right goods and gear in hand is inspiring, if not a bit frustrating (he consistently makes, and I’m willing to bet enjoys just a little bit,…

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Gadget Proven. Wife Approved.

Payton Smart Technology Media & Gaming Console

If each passing year results in an expanding arsenal of electronics then you might want to read this. Now, on the other hand, if you’re like Gear Patrol’s Ben Bowers and inflicted with gadgetphilia, with only the world’s most bleeding edge home theater sufficing, then there are probably few predesigned media solutions that fit your…

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Home Entertainment Center Legos, From Pottery Barn

Blake Large Modular Media Suite

You love your new HDTV. You probably spent quite a bit of time researching which HDTV is best for your budget. You’ve made the plunge and here it is, your flat panel beast in all its glory. Now, where should your new high definition precious live?

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A Man's Chair Is His Other Best Friend

10 Chairs Fit For A Man

One of man’s essentials is his chair. He does much in this chair. He watches sports on his HDTV, he reads his Kindle, he browses Gear Patrol on his laptop, he reads books, he avoids annoying phone calls, he sips on his favorite beverage, he ponders, he thinks. Stop relegating yourself to the tattered La-Z-Boy…

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Pottery Barn Aviation Desk

We love a good desk. For this writer, the Aviation Desk from Pottery Barn fits the bill. It has substantiality written all over it. Thick pine is hand finished with multiple coats of Pottery Barn’s vintage honey finish. A wide work surface sits on modified trestle legs and has a lower tier shelf for your…

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Pottery Barn Manhattan Leather Armchair

A man needs a proper chair – a place where he can sit, relax and enjoy a drink, book, music or movie without disturbance or nag. Forget the couch or that tattered cloth beast sitting in the corner of your living room, this chair is throne befitting for your posterior. The Manhattan Armchair from Pottery…

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Pottery Barn Outdoor Drinkware

Pottery Barn’s glassware comes in guest-proof shatter-resistant styles perfect for your envied summer grill outs. They’re molded of lightweight polycarbonate – the same material used for bulletproof glass – so they won’t crack or break when your “gets drunk far too quickly” friend from college comes into for a visit. Try filling them out with…