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Ride smart and stay alive

Being Seen: Visible Cycling

Hey there. Yeah, you, riding along in your cool color-coordinated cycling team kit, all matchy-matchy. You look real spiffy, so neat you’ll make a great hood ornament. Because that’s where you’re going to end up — on someone’s hood, or like me, under one. Those who really need to see you, can’t. In your fancy attire, you’re invisible to motorists.

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Sayonara helmet hair.

Design Spotlight: Hövding “Invisible” Bike Helmet

Helmets save lives at the “expense” of what some misguided cyclists think of as “looking cool”. They’re also bulky, and a pain to schlep once the ride is over. Two female Swedish design students spent seven years researching crash data and over $10 million developing a new form of head protection that avoids both of…

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Gun Control

GunVault MiniVault Biometric

Gun control is a perennial issue that raises passions on both sides of the aisle. One thing everyone can agree on, though, is that secure storage is key to preventing tragedy. There are two essentials in home firearm storage: security and access control. The GunVault MiniVault Biometric ($208) handgun safe unequivocally gives you both. Using…

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Super Simple, Insanely Important

Shoe ID by Road ID

Being responsible, safe, and planning for contingencies aren’t always traits that we men are known for. Sometimes we just like to do, as though spontaneity were written into our genes. When it comes to running, I’m guilty of jetting out the door without taking the time to stretch or hydrate or, sometimes, even check the…

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U.S. Coast Guard Approved Two-Way Radio Life Vest

[via Oh Gizmo!] The U.S. Coast Guard approved Two-Way Radio life Vest comes with dual, 14-channel two-way radios, one integrated into the chest of the life vest and another for use on a boat or on shore, allowing instant communication from water skier to boat, or ship to shore from up to 1.8 miles away….