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Gear Patrol Salute – Independence Day

Whether you spend the day watching Transformers, grilling steaks to delicious perfection or just kicking it back with a beer in one hand and a gorgeous companion in the other it’s important to realize that 231 years ago this country liberated itself from the throes of colonization. It’s also to important to know that those…

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Gear Patrol Salute – Summer

As of this morning, summer is officially upon us. It’s time to welcome hot afternoons, cold beers, grilling and the exhibition that is, women’s summer fashion. Three months of unflinching sun, weekend trips and SPF 30. Turn off the TV and get out. After all, women’s summer fashion usually means less. Here are a couple…

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Gear Patrol Salute – Dad (Gift Guide)

Gear Patrol is a site for men. That’s undeniable. What we talk about on this blog is for men in general, sons and father’s alike, but once a year a day comes around when we take the time to salute the Dad’s of the world. Sit back, read our gift guide and finally get him…