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Swipe to Unlock

Master Lock dialSpeed

We’re not sure where the carnage started. Perhaps it was the electronic pencil sharpener or the overhead projector. All we know is the latest analog school supply victim — the padlock — has fallen victim to Moore’s Law. Master Lock’s dialSpeed Electronic Combination Lock ($25) marks the end of the classic combination padlock as we…

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Keep your junk in order

Clever Travel Companion Underwear

Keeping track of your wallet and passport can be an after thought when you’re distracted by the sites of a foreign land. Plenty of travel companies offer solutions for keeping valuables out of reach, but Clever Travel Companion’s underwear with pockets ($30) makes things harder to nab than most. Equipped with two zipper-closed pockets in…

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We thought it'd be bigger

Knog Strongman U-Lock

There’s a reason bouncers at clubs look like suited-up gorillas with earpieces—perception is a key proponent to security. If you look like you shouldn’t be messed with, chances are, you won’t be. The Knog Strongman ($100) follows this line of thinking with its aggressively designed, silicone-molded steel frame, and backs up its looks with a…

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Bespoke security, emphasis on spoke

Atomic22 Infinity3D Bicycle Component Locks

Even with the best of locks, pieces of your bike can still be snatched up by enterprising hoodlums. So for years the only way to achieve complete peace of mind was to bring your bike inside. UK based Atomic 22 has finally created a simple solution that could change the commuting game for good —…

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Idiot Insurance

HeadsUp Wireless Gear Alert System

You scrimped and saved to buy that perfect kayak and the exact rack to mount it on your ride’s roof. You planned your first paddle with it for months and had the time of your life once you finally got out on the water. In fact, the trip was so epic that you couldn’t stop…

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Chain Drink

Küat Bottle Lock

Bike rack maker Kuat (Koo-at) has released a convenient and clever contraption for keeping your wheels safe. What looks like a typical bike water bottle from the outside actually contains a five foot internally coiled 8mm cable thats designed to lock back into itself. The bottle also sports a lower storage compartment for stashing keys…

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Pop n' Lock

Satechi Lockdown Portable Hard Drive Enclosure

As life becomes increasingly more digital, securing your files is a must. You’re ahead of the game with password protection on your phone, tablet and computer. But what about that backup USB hard drive? Couldn’t someone just plug it into another computer, and copy every last bachelor party photo of you, “relaxing”, with just a…

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Bombs Awake

Thunderclap Alarm Clock

It may look like something snagged for three cents out of the bottom of a bargain bin, but bedroom style is a necessary bedside sacrifice for a particular type of sleeper. You know — the kind who could doze through a taser to the jugular. The Thunderclap Alarm’s 113-decibel ringer provides the same get-the-hell-up-and-go drive…

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Don't Pray. Prey.

Prey Gadget Security Software

IPhone and iPad owners lucked out when Apple made the find my iPhone application free. But what about other laptops or phones you might have? Recently, a company called Hidden made a big splash in the media world for helping an Oakland resident find his stolen laptop — but we prefer Prey. Why? Well, you…

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Lockdown looker

Kickstarter: TiGr Titanium Bike Lock

Our latest Project Kickstarter find is a safe and elegant protection system for your favorite two-wheeled companion (and we don’t mean your broke ass rollerblades). The TiGr’s compact Titanium bow and highly pick resistant lock is flexible, allowing users to secure their bike to structures up to 5 1/2″ in diameter. For some bikes, it…

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Closest thing to a digital bouncer

Brinno Digital PeepHole Viewer

Add security and peace of mind to your home with the Brinno Digital PeepHole Viewer ($90). Its 2¼”x1½” LCD screen provides a clear picture of whose knocking, even compensating for the fish-eye view and there’s also a button for zooming in should your visitor (or date) require a closer inspection. The panel can be installed…

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Sound Off

U.S. Patrol Siren Padlock Alarm

Padlocks are a great way to keep things secure. The world’s supply of bolt cutters isn’t exactly dwindling though, so there’s always a risk that your bike, tool box, or other toys can get snagged when you aren’t around. The U.S. Patrol Siren Padlock Alarm ($13) adds another layer of protection by emitting a 110db…

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Protect Ya Neck

Rock Lock

We don’t imagine many of you earn your scratch as guitar playing street busker — but if you do that’s totally cool and please send us a demo. We also doubt you’re reading this while aboard your tour bus driving to your next 100,000+ seating stadium venue (again though if you are a global rock…

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Simplify Your Key Ring

Strattec BOLT Lock

One downside to owning a lot of toys is that protecting them can quickly overwhelm your key ring. The Strattec Bolt Lock System is designed to simplify your life by allowing users to unlock everything including: pad locks, cable locks, spare tire locks, trailer locks, receiver locks, and a motorcycle disc brake locks all with…

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BMW 550i Security

Taking Car Security Systems To A Whole New Level The 2009 BMW 5-Series Security. Aging yuppies need not apply. The likelihood of buying a BMW 5 series? Possible. The likelihood of purchasing a BMW 5 series that withstands .44 caliber Magnum bullets, has VR4 ballistic protection, explosion-resistant armored underbelly, thorax airbags (huh?), reinforced heat-resistant rubber…

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Olinari Dog Tags

This is one of this items we know could never be pawned off as a necessary purchase no matter how you explained it to someone. Of course you wouldn’t need that as almost every person now has a portable USB drive and none of them would have anything as cool as this. Absolutely exuding with…

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120GB V2 FPR Fingerprint Hard Drive

Nowadays there’s no limit to how well you can protect your identity and data. DataMore makes it simple for you to just that. It’s 120 gigabyte fingerprint password enabled external hard drive serves as a perfect place for you to house all your important documents. If features: 10 Fingerprint Registration Auto-scramble encryption Overvoltage Protection USB…

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Sequiem Biometrics BioVault 2.0

The BioVault 2.0 safely stores your valuables whatever they might be: jewelry, pharmaceuticals, coins, stocks, bonds, weapons, or critical documents. Better yet, the proprietary fingerprint technology makes it a cinch for you to access your gear. What this means to you: We’re keen on the idea of phasing out antiquated keys. Our advice is that…