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Jolly Good Shirts

Jack Wills Striped Rugbys

Even if you didn’t graduate from the likes of prestigious English prep schools like Eaton or Hogwarts, it doesn’t mean you can’t look the part on the weekend. Intended more for fashion than actually tussling in the scrum (we know how dirty that sounds), these striped rugbys are made from 100% cotton jersey and feature…

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Buttoned Up, But Dressed Down

L.L. Bean Madras Plaid Short Sleeve Shirt

If polo shirts aren’t your style and you’re looking for tee shirt substitute, there’s always the button up short sleeve. Following that train of thought, this Madras Plaid Short Sleeve ($55) is a future summer classic. Part of the company’s new signature series line, it’s made of 100% cotton and cut to be slightly fitted…

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Rethinking Traditional Design for the Better

Outlier Pivot Sleeve Shirt

Outlier boldly states on their site that the Pivot Sleeve Shirt ($144) is “quite simply a better men’s dress shirt”, and based on their design we definitely think they’re on to something. Known for making attractive but functional clothing for today’s bike commuting professional, this project stemmed from the desire to create a shirt that…

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Brighten and Lighten Up

Our Legacy Sundried Japan Check Shirt

Readers of fashion blogs like Hypebeast should be fully aware that Japan has been exporting its men’s wear style world-wide for decades now. Defined by rich textures and subtler color palettes, this shirt from Our Legacy (a Swedish Brand) is inspired by Japan’s signature style and is made from light weight vintage madras cotton that’s…

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Long Live the 80s?

Gitman Vintage Cotton Poplin Shirts

Winter isn’t done yet, but that shouldn’t prevent you from thinking of refreshing your attire come spring. New for spring/summer 2010 season, boutique shirt manufacturer Gitman Vintage which is a sub brand of Gitman Bros. has released a series of cotton poplin shirts paying homage to the styles of 1984. If that point didn’t send…

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Classic Button Up With A Twist

Modern Amusement Glenwood Check Shirt

Tired of seeing yourself in the mirror wearing the exact same button down, regardless of brand name or plaid pattern? Thanks to some contrasting strips at the cuffs and button closure, Mondern Amusement’s tweak on this classic men’s staple may be enough to wake your look up. Made of 100% cotton, it’s fairly unlikely you’ll…

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Just Because It's Unseen Doesn't Mean It's Unimportant


If you are a man who cares even a little about the shirts you’re wearing on a daily basis, you’re probably already wearing an undershirt. If you’re not, you should be. In wearing a cotton undershirt, you’re not only protecting your expensive dress shirts by keeping your body oils from getting into the cotton, but…

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A Classic Design Distinguished by Details

OBEY Coastal Shirt

In response to several requests we’ve received asking us to focus on more of the basic aspects of a man’s attire (as opposed to just the bigger, bolder items like jackets and shoes), we present the OBEY coastal shirt. Suitable for those with a more urban-focused look or just your average bar-goer in a typical…

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Be a Better Man in 30 Days | Day 20: Upgrade Your Work Style

By Gear Patrol reader Mitch Granger For most of us, dressing for work involves little thought. We wake up, put on the obligatory pieces of clothing that insure we’re appropriately dressed based on our position and office environment, and walk out the door to greet the day. While there is nothing necessarily wrong with this…

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Be A Better Man In 30 Days | Day 1: Know How To Pair A Shirt & Tie

There isn’t a lot you can be certain of in these wayfaring times, but one sure bet is the you’re going to be sweating bullets this summer. If you live in an area with impenetrable summer humidity (e.g. the East Coast or the South) or where 90° is considered a “cool day” (e.g. So Cal’s…

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Summer Picks From An Up and Coming Brand

Number:Lab 2-Layer Jersey Polo

Summer’s here, and you’re in need of a wardrobe upgrade. Toss the tattered college tee and go with a modern crew neck t-shirt or polo. Whether you layer them on for a cool night or wear one alone in the doldrums of summer, you’ll look sharp with a well-fitted (not tight) shirt. Here are a…

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Like Options? How About 7 Trillion?

Based on the feedback we received from our review of Proper Cloth, an online custom shirt purveyor, we decided to see what other options were out there for custom men’s dress shirts. No need to thank us, we love doing research. What we found was a brand new company that has taken customization a step…

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Recover Gear Shirt

Here at Gear Patrol, you’ve probably noticed that we advocate an active lifestyle.  Whether it’s hiking, circuit training at the gym, or field testing your new dive watch, we’re squarely in favor of your preferred playtime.  Sadly, unless you happen to be a professional or collegiate athlete, getting treatment for the inevitable aches and pains…

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J.Crew Long Sleeve Jersey Polo

I’m nearly certain this J.Crew Jersey polo will take you into your summer evenings in style and comfort. It has for me. The extraordinarily soft cotton jersey shirt is garment-dyed for a vintage look and tailored with a slimmer tennis cut (longer in the back) with side vents. Buttons are also real South American Corozo….

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Gap Limited Edition Checked Shirt

Gap’s limited edition European Collection is back with some new choices. The designs conceived in, well, Europe, are crisp and clean with a touch of European style. This blue dove checkered short sleeve shirt is a great addition to the wardrobe this summer. Perfect with a pair of well-fitting cargos. Yes, it’s a short sleeve…

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Bjorn Borg Pique Polo

You know the name from tennis, but you should also know that legendary Swedish tennis star has his own line of clothing. Bjorn Borg was one of the greatest tennis players in history as a dominant player in the 1970’s. This heavy jersey pique polo is made of 100% cotton with silver press buttons. Editor’s…

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Banana Republic Linen Modern White Shirt

A crisp clean linen shirt is a Spring staple item. Personally, I’m endorsing the Banana Republic Linden Modern White Shirt. Whatever the occasion it’s important to have a classic piece like this white short-sleeve in your wardrobe. It’s perfect with a pair of chinos or shorts and wears light. Editor Tip: Let’s talk a little…

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Nike Control Global Polo

Roger Federer definitely has skill on the courts along with a killer swing. There’s a good chance the Nike men’s Global Control Tennis Polo won’t give you that, but what it will do is keep you in sweat-wicking Dri-FIT® fabric with sublimated stripes. The Dri-FIT® mesh at back delivers strategic ventilation, while Nike Sphere Dry…

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Theory Cobalt Piqué Dante Metage Polo

Every man has a drawer full of t-shirts, but the man with a drawer full of Theory polo shirts looks put-together even on a casual day. A polo shirt’s versatility is undeniable: able to casually get you through a weekend or dressy (if properly fitted) enough to get you through an evening out. Lightweight cotton…