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A Locals Bar

Hudson Made Beard & Shave Soap

We’d like to regale you with stories of the good old days, when men would go down to the local soapmaker’s shop to refill their scuttle with something fresh and handmade and honest. But we’ll do you one better: Get ye to New York’s Hudson Valley — or at least to the Hudson Made website…

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Clean Your Slate

Portland General Store Hunting Camp Soap

Few boutique grooming brands understand how to catch our eye like The Portland General Store. Lisa Brodar and Troy Tyler’s latest creation is called Hunting Camp Soap ($13). Thanks to bold ingredients such as pumice, sandalwood powder, activated charcoal, frankincense powder, spikenard powder, and moisturizers, the soap is tailored to manhandle the grime and stench…

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Allsorts Liquor Scented Soap Bars

Allsorts liquor soap ($5+) is probably the first good thing born from a bar and bathroom. Each of the four available scents pays homage to classic cocktails like the Gin & Tonic, Whisky Sour, Spiced Rum, and Screwdriver — and serve as the perfect solution for stretching that weekend attitude straight through the work week….

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Simply Clean

Rocky Top Soap Shop Manly Man’s Gift Set

The grooming products sales strategy for most corporations is simple. Just release commercials packed with gorgeous women obsessed with some guy post shower, and maybe sprinkle in a few fighter jet flybys for good measure. We’re sure their internal data shows it works like a charm, but we tend to like the approach of the…

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Why Yes, I Do Smell Like a Brewery

Dogfish Head Beer Soap

There are three things that every man dreams of doing at least once in his lifetime. One is to play major league baseball, two is to bathe in beer, and the third is probably better off left unsaid. Dogfish Head brewery in Delaware is doing their best to make one of those dreams become a…

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Anthony Sport Body Bar

The late winter doldrums is no excuse for your lack of visits to the gym. Get your lazy ass back into gear. Find a workout regimen, and sweat it out. Now it’s time to clean up. The Anthony Sport Body Bar cleanses and exfoliates using a 100% vegetable based soap with glycerin translucent side for…

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Pangea Organics Bar Soap

Before you start reading this post, go into your bathroom and throw that bar or Irish Spring away. We’ll wait… Done? Now go look at Pangea Organics and decide on which bar soap you want to get, here’s a few we suggest: Malagasy Cinnamon Cassica with Cloves Function – mind:invigorating / body:warming Beneficial Ingredients: Cinnamon…