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Fine Noise Makers

MT. Man Speakers by Carrot Grant

Etsy isn’t the first destination that comes to mind for audio gear, but stumbling across these jaw-dropping Mt. Man Speakers ($900) from Philadelphia-based maker Jesse Gerard, aka Carrot Grant, is a welcome surprise. Designed and made by hand from solid cherry, each speaker features twin copper-clad woofers, gold-plated binding posts for banana plugs or 12…

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Bringing Boom to Any Room

Razer Ferox Portable Speakers

Okay, we’ll come clean. Technically these speakers are marketed for portable gaming. They’ll actually work with any device with a 3.5mm jack to deliver decent room-filling sound, though, thanks to their 360-degree omnidirectional speakers. More importantly, each speaker can pump out beats for 12 hours straight from the built-in rechargeable batteries. Combined with their included…

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Gift Guide 2010: The Technophile

As men, we’ll always be suckers for shiny things. There’s no point in fighting it. Particularly when they can help do things like battle our inbox(s), catch up on missed episodes of the shows we’re too busy to watch, or single-handedly sway the tide of battles using just our thumbs. This gift list is a…

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Aperion's Take On Wireless* Surround Sound

Aperion Zona Wireless Surround Speaker System

Probably the biggest issue most people have with installing a surround sound setup is dealing with wiring. Hiding the wires for the center channel, sub, and left/right surrounds is typically easy since they often tuck behind the entertainment console. It’s really the rear surrounds that pose the biggest risk of decor destruction. Aperion Audio’s new…

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Loud Pipes

Ikyaudio Audio Speakers

Our tech lust knows no bounds. The same goes for our desire to own custom and unique products that distinguish our possessions from the average catalog trawler. Unfortunately gadget manufacturers typically think in quantities of millions, not hundreds, which makes owning distinctive electronics a difficult feat. These Audio Speakers ($199) from Chicago based Etsy seller…

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Speakers You Won't Have to Send to ColorWare

Edifier Aurora 2.1 Speakers

As much as you want to imagine someone handing one of those gleaming rainbow tubes off to Usain Bolt, they’re really 2-inch magnetically sealed subwoofers that come as part of the Edifier Aurora 2.1 Speaker System ($76). Now sold in nine different color patterns with comic book names like Liquid Silver, Luminous Yellow, and Stormy…

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Aperion's First Move Into Space Conscious Audio

Aperion SLIMstage30 Soundbar & Subwoofer Bundle

Gear Patrol’s editors have always been fans of Aperion home theater systems mainly because they offer outstanding audio quality relative to their price. Recently the company has made significant strides though to expand their line of products outside of your typical 5.1+ speaker packages. Released today, the Aperion SLIMstage30 sound bar is the Portland Oregon…

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Cut the Bulk, Keep the Sound

Definitive Technology Mythos XTR-50

Some folks hate fat people and others hate fat speakers, particularly when they happen to get cozy to über-slim televisions like the Samsung 9000 series. That’s why Definitive Technology (affectionately known as Dev Tech by home theater nerds) felt it was critical to develop the Mythos XTR-50 high performance home theater speaker. Measuring just 1.5″thick,…

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X-Statikally Better Than the Joneses

AV123 X-Statik 5.1 Surround Sound System

Back in May, Ben first spoke about man’s inherent quest for improvement of the audio kind by way of his review of Aperion’s Intimus 4T Hybrid SD System. In Ben’s review he challenged us to find a better performing system for under $1,600. Always up for a challenge, this editor embarked on another type of…

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Logitech Z323 Speakers

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: your laptop’s puny speakers simply won’t cut it. They’re not even good enough to aptly project the beeps and boops of your NES emulator, much less to accompany your iTunes library. That said, the venerable accessory players at Logitech offer several options to suit your auditory…

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Compact Size. Compact Price. Big Sound.

Yamaha NX-A01 Compact Cube Speaker

Where do you listen to your music? We here at GP are all about quality sound systems but we also recognize that every occasion may not be the right one for a six-piece, $6,000 sound system. If you find yourself moving around frequently and want a speaker that’s compact but still kicks out room-filling sound,…

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Velodyne MiniVee 8 Subwoofer

Good things can come in small packages. Right? Right. The Velodyne MiniVee 8 is a hard-hitting subwoofer that will round out any man’s home theater. Built with an 8″ woofer made of Kevlar, mounted to a diec-ast aluminum basket and powered by 1000 watts of amplification, the MiniVee 8 emits exceptionally tight, deep and resonant…

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Klipsch Palladium P-39F Speakers by BMW DesignWorks

What do you get when you mix a premium speaker company with a performance design firm like BMW DesignWorksUSA? Well, the Klipsch Palladium P-39F is a good estimation. The floorstanding speakers are a collaboration of design and sound technology. The CEA 2008 Best Floorstanding Speaker award winning P-39F speakers are encased in a curved form…

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Aperion Audio Intimus 6T-DB Hybrid XD Surround Sound Speaker System

Ready your living room, you’re about to be buried in an avalanche of glorious rich surround sound. The Intimus 6T-DB Hybrid XD Surround Sound Speaker System is one of Aperion Audio’s finest home theater systems. The system is comprised of two 6T towers, 6C center channel, two 5DB dipole/bipole surround speakers and a Bravus 12D…

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Altec Lansing T612 Digital Speaker System | iPhone Dock

Altec Lansing has come a long way from the days when all they were known for were the shoddy speakers attached to your parent’s Packard Bell. Those were the days. 4 hours on Kings Quest and Leisure Suit Larry… anyway, I digress. The Altec Lansing T612 speaker system is a speaker dock that finally works…

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Vers 2x

In a world of plastic and aluminum electronics it’s nice to find that there are still those that embrace the always-in-style wood. In this case, a hand-crafted cherry iPod dock. The Vers 2x plays and charges all iPods (sans the Shuffle) with it’s included 8 iPod adaptors and produces gorgeous room-filling sound via two 3″…

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Tivoli Audio Music System

[Review from] The Tivoli Audio Music System is exactly what an all-in-one system should be: a cinch to operate. Its uncluttered interface and elegantly integrated functions are so intuitive that you can ignore the user’s manual. (We had it up and running in two minutes.) The system comprises an AM/FM radio, a CD player,…