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Examining the World's Most Advanced Special Ops Training Facility

Defense Journal: Kings of a Special Ops Playground

The bigger the boys, the bigger the toys. The U.S. military in general, and U.S. Special Op folks in particular, work especially hard to remain atop the fighting force pyramid. They play just as hard, as any amount of time spent in the bars around Fort Bragg, Virginia Beach, and Coronado will reveal. It’s the best of both worlds when a training facility allows military guys to fully test their skills in an extremely competitive environment — and the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center, or KASOTC (it rhymes with “aquatic”) is such a place. We take a closer look at this extraordinary facility and its annual Warrior Competition.

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Not your average day job

In-Depth: No Easy Day

We bandy the title “hero” about to describe entertainers, sports figures, politicians, anyone who excels or surmounts significant adversity. The true definition, however, fits a much smaller number. No Easy Day ($16), the first-person account of the SEAL Team 6 raid on an Abbottabad compound that killed Osama bin Laden, breaks the traditional silence of…