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Two (speedboats) if by Sea

Jaguar Concept Speedboat

One speedboat designed by a carmaker: awesome concept. Two speedboats designed by two carmakers: a watery challenge. That’s right. Jaguar, following Mercedes-Benz’s nautical lead, has just released images of their Concept Speedboat. The baby of Director of Design Ian Callum, the just-unveiled Concept Speedboat coincides with the release of the gorgeous XF Sportbrake (wagon). The…

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Hold on to your ascot

Chris Craft Corsair 36 European Edition

Few vehicles scream affluence like a speedboat, and Chris Craft happens to build the most elegant sea skippers out there. The company’s new Corsair 36 European Edition offers unprecedented luxury and interior space for its category, while also packing plenty of power. Specifically, its Volvo-sourced standard twin V-8 engines boast a G&T-vaporizing 840 horsepower. Other…