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Shaking Up the Vodka Pack

Eristoff Premium Vodka

Eristoff’s roots are in Georgia; that’s the former Soviet Union satellite, not the birthplace of MLK Jr. and Cee Lo Green. It was created by Georgian royalty back in 1806 when times were tough, and since the country is known for its wolf population, the spirit inherited the mascot. We bring up this little Discovery…

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Sweet Restitution

Junior’s Midnight Moon Aged Fruit Moonshine

Vodka brands have been adding fruit flavoring to their spirits for years in hopes of coaxing mixologists to shell out for another fifth, or at least get the squeamish drinking something. So it makes perfect sense the same trend would trickle down to white lightening. The sweetness from Junior Johnson’s Midnight Moon Aged Fruit Moonshine($30)…

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Caribbean in a Bottle

Tasting Notes: Appleton Estate Reserve Rum

It’s a commonly known fact that the months between New Years and Spring are dreary and depressing, especially for those of us on the East Coast. Being strong believers in self medication taking action, Gear Patrol set out to find a stiff drink to bust our winter blues, and came back with the Appleton Estate…

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A Comeback 300 Years in the Making

Nolet Silver Gin

Nolet Silver Gin ($50) is a new brand of gin from a family that’s been making the spirit since 1691. Ironically, the Nolet distillery is more widely known today for its contribution to the world of vodka. That’s because 10th generation Carolus J.J. Nolet got the idea to break with tradition and make the Russian…

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Making the Best From a Bad Situation

Glennfiddich Snow Phoenix Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Attaching something like “Snow Phoenix” to the name of an otherwise perfectly good bottle of single malt might lead many to think the master distillers have been reading a bit too much Harry Potter after work. The truth is, this special run is actually the result of disaster caused by record snowfall back in January…

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Time flies when you’re having Rum

The Kraken Rum

“A rum to put a beast in your belly”, The Kraken has washed onto the market and is bringing out the inner pirate in us all. An alternative from name brand rums, the Kraken ($20) provides a flavor that’s richer and stronger than the captain, and weighs in at a hefty 94 proof. Caramel sugars…

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The Wormwood Tradition

Leopold Brothers Absinthe Verte

The Leopold Brothers believe in a strong sense of tradition and it is understood that tradition is what makes their spirits so good. The Leopold Brothers Absinthe Verte ($67) is crafted from a 100-year-old recipe of anise, grande wormwood, and sweet fennel along with a number of “proprietary botanicals.” The spirit is distilled in a…

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What's the Shiny Exterior Hiding?

Fenom Modern Absinthe

Absinthe has a reputation for many things. Some of them are accurate and justified, others are bogus. Fenom certainly hopes to capitalize one way or the other on the allure of this infamous mind altering substance with their so-called “Modern Absinthe”. Brought to our attention by Liqurious, it’s described by the company as the first…

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An Iconic Bottle Meets an Iconic Director

Absolut Brooklyn Limited Edition Vodka

As a tribute to one of the city’s most renowned boroughs and film makers, ABSOLUT has put out a limited edition flavor known as ABSOLUT Brooklyn. Developed in conjunction with Spike Lee, the bottle’s unique cover pays homage to the stoop where the director grew up, as well as the borough’s pace of life where…

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Appealing to Geek Drinkers Everywhere

Medea Vodka

Companies like Procter & Gamble have known for years that distinct packaging can make or break a product’s success on the shelf. Alcohol makers certainly aren’t newbies in this game either, but the creators of Medea Vodka appear to be hell bent on upping the industry’s game. That’s because each bottle includes an integrated LED…

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And You Thought Wisconsin Only Made Cheese

Death’s Door Gin

Typically when the word island comes up in the same sentence as Gin, most people immediately prepare for some stogy tale of a famous English Dry Gin house, and its long standing cultural significance to our juniper guzzling, eating-baked-beans-with-their-eggs cohorts from across the pond. The story of Death’s Door Gin however is actually nothing of…

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Don't Get Your Hopes Up, It's Not Infused

Yeyo Tequila

Tequila fans take note. Yeyo is a new straight up silver brand made of 100% blue agave grown in Jalisco, Mexico. These plants are cooked in a brick Agave cooker as opposed to aluminum to extract a more natural flavor from the 24 hour process. The firm’s press materials even highlight that classical music is…

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For the Frugal Trailer Park Dweller in All of Us

The Beer Belly

We wouldn’t be going too far out on a limb if we proposed that beer improves just about any situation, even running a marathon. Much to our chagrin though, beer isn’t always allowed in every setting, at least if you’re the rule-following type and don’t live in Montana. But as the saying goes, where there’s…

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Tequila 5150

Tequila 5150 is the first domestic tequila to legally import blue agave into the U.S., but it’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it’s made using wine making techniques. In typical American fashion, a friend of the bottler was told by his sheriff compadre that trying to produce tequila using wine barrels was “5150”, California’s…

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Max Benjamin Mini Cigar Bar

Few things are nicer than winding down a stressful week with a nice cigar. If your lifestyle requires travel or you just prefer enjoying a nice stogie outside of the realms of a leather clad lounge chair then the Max Benjamin Mini Cigar Bar fits the bill. It’s a portable black leather case that allows…

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Matusalem Rum Gran Reserva

We’ve heard Matusalem Rum Gran Reserva referred to as the “cognac of rums,” We’re not experts when it comes to rum, but what we do know is that when we went out, purchased a bottle and poured ourselves a drink over rocks it made us smile and say “damn, that’s good.” We’re not sure if…

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Perfectly Served Single Malt Scotch

[click on image to enlarge] We’re drowning in politics. Hurricanes are destroying homes. The writer’s strike has rendered television useless. Work is less than stellar. Football is over… Perhaps this is a weekend best suited for staying in, catching up on whatever it is you need to catch up on and pouring yourself a drink….

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Digital Beverage Virtual Bartender

Bring on the drinks. The Virtual Bartender/MyFountain by Digital Beverages is literally a complete bartender in your home. You can forget having to buy, store, separate, cleaning or returning bottles and cans. The technology in this gadget of all gadgets is equipped with a smart ordering system built-in that will make sure you’re always stocked…

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Ice Jacket

It’s no secret that the white alcohols are oft best served chilled. Vodka, Gin, all on the rocks. But what’s to say that they can’t be served ‘in’ the rocks? Enter the Ice Jacket. A device that keeps alco-bevs a chilly temp by encasing them in ice. It’s simple – Pick your drink and place…

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Ultimate Professional Drink Maker

Make delicious shaved ice drinks with our fully programmable Ultimate Professional Drink Maker. The secret is in the Revolution ™ Portion System, which counts how many times the agitator passes the shaver blade and then releases just the right amount of ice to mix and blend with the liquids. Create tasty tropical drinks year-round with…

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Johnnie Walker Blue Label King George V Edition Whisky

Here at Gear Patrol we enjoy a good scotch/whisky and among those one of our favorites is the acclaimed Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Well the ante on scotch has risen as Johnnie Walker has introduced the Johnnie Walker Blue Label King George V Edition. From the Press Release: Renowned distillers John Walker & Sons have…