The promised land of sports and whatever

Grantland Quarterly

Good writers (if we should say so ourselves) respect good writing. Grantland, one of our favorite publications, certainly in sports and culture if not in general, catches our eyes with intuition, integrity and irreverence. Print may be in bad shape, but it still feels right to hold good journalism between your fingers (your keyboard doesn’t...

Beyond the fists, fights and foes

At The Fights: American Writers on Boxing

References from film and TV are what flash into most people’s memory today when the subject of boxing arises in conversation. There are just too many great, engaging examples to draw on, from both real and fictional stories (Rocky 45 and Tyson v. Holyfield being exceptions). Before technology padlocked our imagination, though, writing was the...

Famous for their game and mane

Nike Hair-itage Player Tees

Normally we avoid the funny t-shirt racket because our dorm room days are behind us. This new line of Hair-itage Tees ($20) just tugged too strongly at our inner sports fan to be ignored. The series features some of the most distinguished stashes, mullets, beards, and sideburns to ever grace the diamond, testing your knowledge...

Sporting chances

Scorecasting: The Hidden Influences Behind How Sports Are Played and Games Are Won

The sports world is probably responsible for half of the world’s clichés. Fans, athletes, and coaches just love to boil everything down to one catch phrase out of fear that our feeble minds are only capable of processing things muttered in one huddled breath (which admittedly may very well be the case with Mike Tyson)....

Dry And (N)ice

Moji Knee | Cold Icing Wrap

Always a skeptic we used the gold standard of bags of pellet ice and shrink wrap as a benchmark for the Moji Knee... Moji kicked it's ass.

MLB.TV Premium Subscription

MLB.TV (Major League Baseball) has upped their quality on video to 700kbps of windows media streaming glory. The video quality is amazing and if you’re a baseball fan – $119.00 is not a major price to pay for every 2007 regular season out-of-market game, live. The subscription service starts today – April 2 and blackout...