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Poppin Ping Pong Conference Table

The startup vibe has officially infected America, and as such, no company can possibly hope to attract the top talent of today’s tweet-crazed youth without a proper funland work environment. We all know that ideal millennial bait includes Wiis, chocolate fountains, ironic neon signs, scalp massagers and other office nonsense that gathers dust inside those…

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Pool hall meets dining hall


Short of procuring a magical wardrobe with a bridge to a pool playing dimension, the Fusiontable is an ideal solution for satisfying a billiards craving without wasting living space. Measuring 53″ x 91″ and standing 30″, the table is sized perfectly for six, ships with matching benches and is customizable in a variety of colors…

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Stash in Style

Caliper Coffee Table

A cluttered coffee table has killed many a well-designed room. The Caliper Coffee Table ($300) from CB2 can help keep remotes, books, and other constantly accumulating living room detritus out of sight thanks to two cleverly hidden end drawers. Styled to match most modern decor, the table’s white oak veneer top with a steel tube…

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Pipe Wrench Coffee Table by Niemuth Design

Putting a literal spin on industrial design, this Pipe Wrench Coffee Table ($2,250) 16″ tall table is made from six bolted and welded plumbers pipe wrenches. Combined with the 24″ x 36″ 3/8-inch glass top the table weighs a hefty 80 pounds, so there’s no need to worry about a misdirected leg stretch moving this…

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Michael Bay-Free Transforming

Metamorphic Chair/Stool/Table by Reeves Design

It goes without saying that we appreciate well-designed furniture from an aesthetics standpoint, but having a cool, practical feature definitely sweetens the pot. Case in point, the Metamorphic Chair/Stool/Table ($395) by Reeves Design is a handsome chair made from sustainable American Black Walnut that matches perfectly with a Combine Collective keyboard tray. Thanks to some…

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Pop Goes Your Office

IKEA Vika Viene Table Top

There’s a reason people submit to the torture test that is building IKEA particle board furniture — and it has nothing to do with Swedish meatballs. Instead it’s the schnazzy and clever design factor the company consistently provides for a rock bottom price. The Vika Viene Table Top ($99) is just another example of this…

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Restaurant Quality Durability Meets Residential Good Looks

Moravia Table

A man’s kitchen table often resembles a war zone, especially if they have a young family in tow. Just because it’s a high-traffic piece of furniture, the daily use of which involves sharp utensils, liquids, and foods, doesn’t mean we have to accept shoddy looks. Built using contract-quality construction, the Moravia table ($799) from Design…

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Karoo | Modular Aged Wood Table

Oak, just like men, tend to look better with age. The Karoo is perfect evidence of that. Each of the distressed natural finished 4-inch thick aged oak planks can be arranged to create an endless variety of forms ensuring a perfect fit wherever you place it. Coffee table Legos, if you will. Cost: Call for…