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Encyclopedia Fitanica

Le Snob Guide to Tailoring

The artisanal world of tailoring can be daunting to any man uninitiated with its intricacies. Reading the Le Snob Guide to Tailoring ($12) will help even the most inexperienced buyer confidently select, wear, and maintain all kinds of bespoke clothing, or alter the store bought variety for a better fit. Part of an unfortunately-named series…

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The Tailor at Bluefly

Bluefly is a purveyor of many-a-deals so their decision to move into a more refined haberdashery type of outfitting is nice to see. The Tailor, launching today, offers many of the more sophisticated suits, shoes and accessories one might find at a bespoke tailor. That said, I agree with the gents at SavoirVivre that you’ll…