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Like a Sweatier Wii Fit

With Zwift, Cycling Meets Video Game

Zwift is the marriage of video games and cycling trainers. It’s like Wii Fit, with more puddles of sweat.

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Rose gold cinematography

REDucation X

Apply for a coveted spot at REDucation-X, and you might as well begin working on your Oscar speech now. Shooting on the RED EPIC or SCARLET have quickly become the gold standard in the world of independent film, as well as commercial and industrial shoots. The intensive, hands-on program provides students with practical knowledge of…

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Reach your full potential

Blank Slate Climbing Training Board

We know you’re busy, hey we are too. Making it to the gym isn’t always an option, and unless you’ve got a couple hundred square feet to spare, home workouts can get tired fast. Take boredom out of the equation and keep your muscles guessing with the Blank Slate Training Board ($129). Just like that…

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Swing Away

Joe Mauer Quickswing PX4

Does your offensive production in the summer beer league make Mario Mendoza’s career average look good? Joe Mauer’s Quickswing PX4 ($130) can help improve sluggish bat speed and accuracy — as well as provide fielders with double play turnaround practice. Developed originally by the father of sports prodigy and three-time batting title winner Joe Mauer,…

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Walk a Mile? Try Running 1,000.

UK Gear PT-1000 Running Shoes

UK Gear’s PT-1000 ($130) running shoes don’t look like anything special — at least until you notice the presence of the crown and sword logo, which signifies the British Military’s seal of approval. See, unlike your current trainers, a pair of PT-1000s are guaranteed to last for up to 1,000 miles of wear. The secret…

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Style Pick: New Balance M998 GNR

$200 |

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Because We Can't All Be Ray Allen

SKLZ Rapid Fire Basketball Training Aid

Sick of air-balling those wide open jumpers during your weekly game at the gym? Or perhaps you’re just looking to give junior that extra edge come varsity try outs. In either scenario, the SKLZ Rapid Fire Basketball Training Aid ($125) is the next best thing to hiring a personal ball boy. It’s designed to be…

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Cheat Sheet Mat

G2 Trainerball and Trainermat

Sure, reading men’s magazines about different workouts and stretches is great, but like a Google search, I manage to forget everything I read in a matter of seconds. No takeaways and prefer leaving the “bring my magazine with me while I’m working out” doucheyness for the guy. The result? Same workout, every time. G2 has…

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Running = Friction = Winter Warmth

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10

For this writer, winter means running. Perhaps it’s a futile effort to counteract my ridiculous holiday eating or maybe I’m just looking to warm my bones through kinetic activity; either way, I’m starting to pound the pavement. I’ve been accused of running just as an excuse to get new gear (there are worse reasons, right?),…

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What if you could improve your posture just by pressing a button?


Gear Patrol has written about custom suits, custom shirts and pants. Consequently, there’s no doubt that you’ve evolved into the best dressed man around, but if you’ve got posture like Quasimodo, you still won’t look good no matter what you wear. The worst part about having bad posture is that you’re probably the last one…

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Smart Tracking for Smarter Training

Garmin Edge 500 Cycling GPS Based Computer

Anyone looking to tally precise details of their cycling endeavors should mull over buying the Edge 500. This lightweight GPS-Based cycling computer is a data nuts dream and calculates everything including speed, distance, calories burned, altitude, climb, and descent. While monitoring, it also records this information for comparison purposes which trainers can access on their…

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Sticking it to Muscle Knots

The Pro Stick

The Stick is an admittedly a simplistic device used to aid athletes in recovery and maintenance. Built around a “space-age” plastic core, it is sheathed in free rolling plastic spindles secured between two handles. The core is flexible to allow it to contour to the targeted body part, and the spindles allow it to move…

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Strength for Climbers, Strength for All

Metolious Rock Rings

Boredom is a killer when it comes to working out. Keeping things fresh and challenging helps keep you interested and in shape. A cool piece of equipment to check out, if your workout is getting stale, are the Metolious Rock Rings. Made for rock climbers to train their contact strength (pretty much your ability to…

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Power Sox – The Edge

Better Performance, One Foot at a Time Athletic socks are the red-headed stepchildren of the fitness apparel world. It’s a shame, really. I’ve seen it countless times; guys will drop bundles on moisture-wicking clothing and expensive sneakers, then they proceed to slip on a pair of plain cotton socks. Blah. Here’s a news flash men:…

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The Truth About Cardio | GP Fitness Week 2

[ Week 1: High Intensity Interval Training | Week 2: The Truth About Cardio ] I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Not all cardio is created equal or should I say not all calories burned are from the same source. I know it’s hard to hear, but it’s true. Don’t panic;…

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Revising Your Fitness Routine

Routines Are Good, Change Is Better Ed: The face one might expect when seeing Patrick at the gym. I’ll be the first to endorse developing a routine at the gym. Repeating exercises week to week allows your body to adapt and thus become better at them (i.e. stronger, better conditioned). Personally, I like to have…

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Add Equal Parts Land and Sea Marvelous engineering masks its grueling take on your body. We’re fascinated with the unique. When a new idea comes along that ingeniously combines multiple product attributes we can’t help but get excited. The Row Bike from Total Body Fitness was dreamed up by the same brain trust that gave…

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The Expresso Bike

Finally, a Stationary Bike that Goes Somewhere I’ll be the first to admit it, grinding away on some piece of exercise equipment can get a little stale. When that happens it’s hard to fully engage in your workouts, and guess what? Your results suffer. If only you had something to focus on. How about a…

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CamelBak Elixir

CamelBak Elixir electrolyte tablets turns your water into a refreshing drink infused with electrolytes, vitamins and minerals your body needs during exercise. Essentially you’re turning your once water-carrying CamelBak into a portable sports drink fountain. Each self- dissolving effervescent tablet (12 per container) instantly turns 24 ounces of water into a 10 calorie, sugar-free drink…

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Mountain Hardwear Wicked Tee

The last thing you want while hiking or training is stagnant sweat. Yeah, we know, nasty. Mountain Hardware brings their outdoor expertise into the Wiked Tee with a moisture-wicking lightweight shirt perfect for the hot summer months. The shirt moves away moisture from your skin through an open-kint mesh structure which also breathes. It has…

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Balance Bare

No type-o, they’re actually called Balance Bare. The new 100 calorie nutritional energy bar from Balance comes in several sweet & salty or trail mix combinations ranging from Chocolate Almond to Cinnamon Oats & Honey The bars contain: 13g of protein 5g of whole grain 23 vitamins and minerals Whole grain oats and real nuts…

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Nike Light Clima-Fit Vest

Maintaining your body’s core is one of the most important elements in physical training, especially when biking. It also means you should keep it warm on those early morning / late night sessions on your bike. The Clima-fit light vest from Nike is windproof, water-resistant and lightweight that allows you to maintain full movement of…

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Ironman Segmental Body Monitor

Your training shouldn’t go unmonitored, especially if you’re looking for accurate rehabilitation or focused workouts. The BC558 Segmental Body Composition Monitor is a completely unique product giving your individual readings for each body segment (trunk, right arm, left arm, right leg and left leg). The monitor achieves this thru retractable handgrip electrodes along with feet…

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When you exercise it’s critical to replenish your body with fluids, especially during the summer heat. Dehydrating yourself isn’t going to help anything. More importantly, you need energy and electrolytes – hence the bevy of athletic drinks available. Accelerade is more than just electrolytes and carbs. They have a patented 4:1 ratio of carbs to…

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SPRI Advanced Traveling Trainer

For those of you constantly on the go or traveling it can be difficult to find a place to exercise. Be rid of that problem for good with the SPRI Traveling Trainer. A light and portable full-body training regimen small enough to easily pack in a suitcase or weekend bag. It includes a workout program,…

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ROM – The 4-Minute CrossTrainer©

Manufactured in California since 1990, the ROM is more a leap of faith into the studied design and manufacturing process of their engineering team. Their guarantee of a 4 minute no impact cardio, resistance and flexibility workout that’s as good as any longer workout seems far stretched. With a 30 day trial and a 97%…

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Salomon XA Pro 3D Running Shoe

Meticulously engineered for racing on and off road, Salomon’s innovative and lightweight XA Pro 3D running shoe utilizes a patented 3D chassis technology to keep your foot closer to the ground than ordinary running shoes, resulting in better control without sacrificing comfort. The 3D Advanced Chassis controls lateral shift to help protect your ankles while…

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Adidas Pure Plush Shoe

The Adidas Pure Plush cross training shoe has full-grain leather uppers for comfort and soft feel. adiPRENE® insert in the heel adds comfort and superior shock absorption. Full rubber outsole for durability. Cost: $74.99 @ Footaction USA