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Gear Patrol Salute to the US Open | Follow-up

If you missed any of the gut wrenching drama of the US Open then you missed one of the most spectacular showdowns in all of sports. Four rounds and an 18-hole playoff were not enough to settle it between the #1 ranked played in the world and the 158th that it had to go to…

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Gear Patrol Salute – 2008 U.S. Open Championship At Torrey Pines

June 9th – 15th | San Diego, California The United States Open is in my humble opinion the greatest Major/Championship in golf. It’s not only our country’s national golf championship but any golfer with a handicap index of 1.4 or better can qualify, thus making it a true ‘Open’. The Masters may have its rich…

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US Open Wilson Giant Tennis Ball

The US Open is upon us and most likely you’re hopeful for the Nadal | Federer match up as much as we are. Those of you who aren’t able to attend the US Open here in New York may want to pick up this awesome toy/souvenir. It’s a giant US Open Tennis ball (you can…