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Paradise...rain or shine

GP Excursion | Pura Vida: 72 Hours in Costa Rica

Glancing down for a moment, my eye caught sight of the orange glow of the speedometer. The readout hovered at 50 km per hour. My head did the rough conversion as a fat drop of rain streaked across the plexiglass visor of my helmet. Things sure felt faster than 30 miles per hour. Then again,…

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Better, Badder, Guidebook

Rough Guides

For some, a vacation is supposed to be an adventure, and nothing’s worse than realizing you’ve spent your hard-earned dough and precious holiday time in a tourist trap. That’s why Rough Guides were developed. If you’re looking to go off the beaten path, these guides are the perfect travel companion for a news and picture…

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Armourgeddon Tank Paintball

Paintball fans looking to take the experience to the next level should consider hopping the pond and heading to Souhfields Farm at Leicestershire in the UK. There you’ll find a one of kind warfare simulation experience known puntastically as Armourgeddon. If the name didn’t give it away, this facility teaches visitors how to operate real…

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Anse Chastanet, St. Lucia

If a trip to the Caribbean is in the cards for you, then we suggest you add Anse Chastanet to your list of destinations. Voted one of Travel + Leisure’s top 25 for the past three yaers. Located on the unspoiled southwester Caribbean coat, St. Lucia is designed from the ground up to exist in…