Fast fundementals

Kit: Track Weekend

Your normal couch-bound weekend attire won't cut it during a weekend at the track; tarmac-amplified heat and humidity plus the occasional run-in with a troupe of Umbrella Girls nixes that plan. Instead, race weekend is primetime for packing light, multifunctional duds and accoutrements that don't skimp on style.

For the Casual Skater in All of Us

Vans Chukka Low 2009

Before the year officially comes to a close, it might be a good idea to take a second glance at the 2009 lineup of Vans Chukka Low styles. Above, we’ve gathered some of the more conservative colors of the batch and highly recommend them as a comfortable sneaker for walking about town without giving off...

Vans Syndicate | Max Schaaf Pack

I was cruising through the lil’ downtown area of the F-Dub this weekend on my Sector 9, when I decided to hit up the local skate shop to see if I could find some new shoes. Every time I darken the door of Plus, the selection of shoes pretty much overwhelms me (they have a...