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For the Ultimate Bakgård Party

Viking Refreshment Station

The Viking Refreshment Station ($3,600) is to beverages and appetizers as Nimitz-class super carriers are to F-14 Tomcats. In the beverage department, its cold water sink performs double duty either as a, sink or cold water bottle bath that’s capable of holding two cases of drinks and can be plugged in to stay frosty. If…

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Viking Range Classic Series with Custom Finish

A quality range can make or break a kitchen. It’s the center of your cooking so don’t skimp if you fancy yourself a cook. You’re looking at the 48″ Open Burner Range Classic Series from Viking. A fourty-eight inch behemoth with dual ovens (baking and convection), six infinite range burners, and a 12 inch wide…

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Viking G83 Pool Cue

If you consider yourself a decent billiards man then a decent cue is worth your money. Stop wasting time with those crescent shaped shit sticks at the pool hall and start playing with a quality cue. If you’ve layed down the cash to buy yourself a table for home then it’s even more important you’ve…