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Slim Is In

Change in Your Pocket: Slim Wallets That Fit the Bill

Reducing your wallet’s contents reaps many benefits: it’s cathartic, helps with prioritization, and, most of all, gives you the chance to get a new, minimalist version. But finding the right minimalist cash caddy can be overwhelming. There are all sorts of types to sort through: card wallets, slim wallets, very simple money clips, front pocket wallets and so on. Instead of categorizing and complicating things more, we’ve decided to round up the best picks that run the entire gamut. Read on and find the perfect Simoleon sleeve for your new, minimalist life.

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Pick Pocket

Arizona Arena Bifold Picker’s Wallet

Keep all your plastic together with the Arizona Arena Bifold Picker’s Wallet ($36). The 100% full-grain leather wallet is lined in pigskin for durability and contains a cash compartment, 4 slots for cards and a plectrum pouch for your picker du jour. Perfect if you consider yourself a serious guitar player — or just happen…

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Style Pick: Feit Handmade Vertical Wallet

Some call it a science, some call it an art. Regardless of how you choose to define it, in the process of wallet making, two elements are absolutely essential — functionality and form. The folks at Feit have brought these two universal principles face to face in the 2012 Spring Hand Sewn Collection. Their Handmade…

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All of your cards, all in one wallet

Holdfast Indispensable Photographer’s Wallet

One of our favorite camera accessory companies Holdfast, started by professional photographer and GP reader Matthew Swaggert, has just released the perfect piece of gear for managing your memory cards and money. The 4.35″ Indispensable Photographer’s Wallet ($45+) features a foldable design with three pockets. The exterior slide pocket holds IDs and the various other…

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Noel Nomad

Gift Guide 2011 | 10 Picks for the Traveler

The person who coined the phrase “getting there is half the fun”, clearly never had to travel by air, train, bus, or car during the holiday season. No amount of planning can ever guarantee a smooth journey, but having the “right tools for the job”, as they say, will go a long way towards making…

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Style Pick: Kenton Sorenson ‘Modern Man’ Wallets

The ‘Modern Man’ collection from Kenton Soreson features three handcrafted wallets made in Wisconsin from 3oz or 4oz vegetable tanned leather with heavy waxed thread tonal hand stitching. All are slim enough to be kept in a front pocket. Limited quantities. Front Pocket Wallet $90 | iPhone Wallet $140 | Passport Wallet $140 |

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Case closed

Raleigh Cardcase

Flesh out double waxed Horween leather. Horizontal and vertical card slots with cut corner for easy access. Center pocket for cash. All features of the new Raleigh Denim Cardcase ($75), a simple yet sturdy slab hand-sewn at Raleigh HQ in North Carolina. Part of Raleigh’s new leather goods line it has proved to be a…

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Keep It Together Men

Pack & Smooch Leicester and Soay iPhone Wallets

Men today normally have two things on them at all times: their wallet and phone. Since there’s no need to tote your full George Costanza everywhere you go, the German artisan brand Pack & Smooch has devised a series of great looking iPhones cases to free up some much needed pocket space. The Leicester ($51),…

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A Striking Balance of Size, Design, and Craftsmanship

Güs Horizontal Wallet

Standing somewhere between a typical billfold and more pocket friendly money clips, the Güs Horizontal Wallet ($165) is designed for guys to carry everything they need without the infamous Costanza bulge. Distinguished from the thousands of other wallets thanks to its ultra clean looks, the standard horizontal wallet measures just 1/4″ inches thick, while still…

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Putting Your Normal Wallet on a Much Needed Diet

Rugby Skull Cardholder Wallet

There’s no other accessory a man will have on him more often than his wallet. While most of us may never think or desire to change out our perfectly good back pocket companion just for the sake of a look, there is something to be said about carrying less in certain situations. Incredibly thin and…

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A Winner Is You!

J.Fold Wallet Giveaway – Winners!

Well gents, our latest Gear Patrol Giveaway is in the books. We are pleased to offer up J.Fold wallets to our winners, Aron L. (@AronL, to the Tweeptastic among you) and Nate E. As always, we love telling you about the latest and greatest in excellent gear. We love to give it to you even…

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The Original Sportswallet

J.Fold Wallets | Giveaway

We’re giving away J.Fold Sportswallets to two lucky readers. Step inside for our take on these essential accessories and to see how you can win.

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Whatever's in Your Back Pocket Likely Pales in Comparison

Braithwaite Wallets Vagabond & Cypress

Braithwaite Wallets, the brainchild(ren) of designer Connor Ferster, offers products borne of a passion for and a commitment to excellence. Connor is so discerning and zealous for quality that it took him two years to wade through crappy prototypes to finally get his product line where he wanted it. As a guy who obsesses over the…

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Stewart-Stand Stainless Steel Wallet

Get Your Benjamins Some Armor At the last happy hour I went to I rolled in with my cash well protected. In fact, I was the only one there with a stainless steel wallet, more than just money well-protected – it’s an instant ice breaker. Woven with thousands of stainless steel fibers, the Stewart-Stand wallet…

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Burberry Brit Check Wallet

A Wallet Befitting Of Your Back Left Pocket A brand you may have not thought to purchase, consider Burberry in black. There are a few essential accessories every man owns and uses every day and a good wallet is one of them. And it’s about time to upgrade that old velcro tri-fold you’ve been packing…

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REI Travel Document Organizer Wallet

Sometimes when I’m traveling abroad it’s kind of a pain in the arse to stay organized and remain compact. Usually I have my wallet in one pocket, passport in another, boarding passes in another, and a bunch of other gear spread out between the 10 pockets on my carry-on bag. Yes, it might be a…

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Stainless Steel Wallet & Business Card Case

We talk a lot about wallets here at Gear Patrol, but that’s only because it’s one of the utility items we carry day in and day out that also gives us an opportunity for some subtle expression. There’s no shortage of expression or functionality with the stainless steel wallet and business card case. They’re made…

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Jimi Wallet

Not every guy is a wallet person and frankly there are instances where having your Dunhill or Jack Spade wallet isn’t appropriate because you’re traveling, on-the-go or outdoors. The Jimi provides a great solution for just that or for those of you that just don’t like wallets. It’s compact, water resistant and comes in multiple…

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Jack Spade Monza Flat Wallet

In the heat of the summer the last thing you want is a bulging wallet weighing you down. As a matter of fact, this should be a year round notion. Take a moment and par down your wallet to an ID, a credit card / ATM card, 2 business cards and a couple of bills….

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Dunhill Ensign 8cc Billfold Wallet

There’s no doubt you’ve been working hard to look good this spring – new clothes, new shoes, new gear, but lets not forget you have to look good paying for it, too. There’s no better way to do this than a new wallet. Dunhill is known for being all things luxury, from clothing, watches, cigars,…