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Affordable Diver Sophisticate

Timekeeping: Magrette Regattare

Earlier this year, we introduced you to the Magrette Regattare prior to its much anticipated release. Well, we were able to get our hands on one to see for ourselves if the horological fanfare was justified. More photos and the full review after the jump.

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Stealing the Thunder

Timekeeping: Helson Buccaneer

The burgeoning niche watch market isn’t always the safest place to conduct business. Many rise and fall. Many more never rise. Peter Helson has made some very good choices to ensure this doesn’t happen to his company. Helson has focused their watchmaking on divers and unique ones, at that.

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Excellent Timing

Timekeeping: Irreantum Magellan

In 2009, Matt and Courtney Wilson embarked on an effort to create a dive watch that incorporated all the vital aspects of watchmaking that aficionados of niche brands were looking for, albeit at a remarkably affordable price. Hence the birth of the Irreantum Magellan ($545). We had the opportunity to review one recently, and we…

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Timekeeping: Timex E-Altimeter

Like a carbon fiber racing bike ridden by a 350 pound couch potato, the Timex E-Altimeter ($200) has the ability to make you look somewhat active without a Herculean effort on your part. With a sophisticated analog dial that goes beyond the oft pedestrian aesthetic of the “takes a licking and keeps on ticking” brand,…

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A Modern Classic

Timekeeping: Marvin M120

We’re huge fans of classically inspired watches, but we enjoy a decent amount of heft in modern timepieces, as well. Aside from beefy Panerais, we can grow weary of the manhole-sized watches that seem to pervade ignorant male youth today. But it is hard to survive out there with a thin dress watch, alone. The…

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Move over Big Ben

Timekeeping: Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 44 London Chrono

Who doesn’t love the Olympics? Well, instead of having the multicolored rings emblazoned on your hairy chest while rooting for your favorite Olympian, why not don something a few notches up on the classy scale? For the 2012 Olympic games in London, Omega commemorates the 25th time they have acted as the Official Timekeeper of…

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A man is what he carries

The Loadout: My Perfect Everyday Carry

Editor’s Note: We’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about our EDC (everyday carry for the uninitiated); in large part because of one of our favorite Tumblers, EDC. If you’ve never been, head there if you want to kill an hour or two. While we already have our daily rigs sorted out reasonably well…

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American roots, Swiss guts

Hamilton Pan-Europ

Sometimes retro goes bad. Like Hasselhoff. Then there’s just plain classic. Case in point, the Hamilton Pan-Europ tribute watch. Based on the original watch from 1971, this reiteration carries forward the classic blue chronograph dial and position six date window, and it just plain looks good. Founded in 1892 in Pennsylvania, this now Swiss brand…

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Tissot much watch

Tissot Seastar 1000 Chronograph

Tissot started designing classic timepieces back 1853 and has served as the official time keeper for major sporting events in motorcycling and downhill skiing, in addition to sponsoring Lotus, and Renault’s Formula 1 teams. Located in LeLocle, Switzerland, the watchmaker’s quality remains unmistakable, and the all-new Tissot Seastar 1000 Chronograph stunner, is no exception. Unlike…

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Lux Luger

Hublot Sledge

Usually, when materials like carbon fiber, steel, ash wood and hand-sewn leather come together you expect to hear them with the likes of Bentley or Rolls Royce. But in this case, they form the components of Hublot’s luxury luge. Only ten of these sledges have been made, built in collaboration between Hublot and Lausanne University…

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No, it's not a tiny belt

Leffot Horween Leather NATO Watch Straps

Like a Navy Seal let loose in a haberdashery, the Leffot Horween Leather NATO watch straps ($225) look like they could perform double duty in a firefight and a cocktail hour with the Queen. NATO straps are becoming ever more popular among not just the watch cognoscenti but also in the mainstream crowd for their…

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Classic Indeed

Timex Classic Camper Watch

The Timex Men’s T18581 Classic Camper Watch ($20)could not be more aptly named. With timeless (not literally of course) styling, and durability you can rely on, this is a watch that is a true American classic. Its sleek black profile means it will accent any wrist, at any age, anytime. Yet the engineering and design…

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Big Package, Big Benefits

Invicta 3449 Corduba Collection Oversized Chronograph

A lot of fuss has been made over things coming in small packages lately. From the sound of it, only the finest and most enjoyable wares the world has to offer can come in small packages. For certain types of “things” this small package business can be the truth, the new and improved Amazon Kindle…

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Measure More Than Minutes

Stanley Tape Measure Watch

Most men can probably provide the time with a flick of their wrist. Unless they’ve got a yard stick tattooed on your inner arm though, they probably can’t help with measuring out a door frame. That where the Stanley Tap Measure Watch ($44) comes in. It features an integrated 3 ft tape measure along with…

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The Ultimate Supercar Accessory

Bugatti Super Sport Watch | Parmigiani Fleurier

Gear Patrol recently had the opportunity to attend Parmigiani’s unveiling of the new Bugatti Super Sport watch as part of one amazing weekend (but more on that later) in Monterey, CA. Created as a predecessor to the now famous Bugatti 370 by Parmigiani, at the core of the new model is a specially developed PF…

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Bringing Back the Brit

Bremont MBII

Britain has a wealth of history. With the exception of being responsible for Greenwich Mean Time, most of that history has little to do with the watch world. Bremont, from our account, seems ready and poised to change that by bringing a British timepiece to the table and producing some awe-inspiring timepieces. GP got to…

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Wrist Assured

Bas and Lokes Custom Watch Straps

If you’re looking for a handmade strap to distinguish your timepiece from the rest of the 20mm-26mm watches out there, look no further than Bas and Lokes straps ($94+). Made by two experienced strap makers with a passion for quality and luxury, all of their straps are suited for large watches with wide lug widths….

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Despite the Name, It's Not for Wesley Snipes

Oakley Blade II Unobtainium Strap Edition

One way to measure the success of a movie is if any of its themes, characters, or terms, continue to be referenced by society long after the film’s promotion engine slows to a stand still (Think: “The Dude Abides”). Avatar’s hype machine clearly isn’t done in the wake of Blu-ray and DVD sales, but the…

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Wet or Dry, This is a Serious Watch

Dievas AquaLuna Blue Professional

Whether you’re in the market for a serious watch for deep sea exploration that doesn’t require an ocean of cash, or just in search of some rugged arm candy, Dievas is a brand worth researching. Created recently in 2006, Dievas is an independent manufacturer founded on the principle that quality and customer service mean everything….

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Further Proof There May Be Reason For Custom Rolexes

Project X Designs SS1 Rolex Submariner

Based on a Rolex Submariner LV, Project X Designs heavily modified it to be what amounts to an authentic homage to the esteemed Sub Ref 6538. For those of you not geeked out by Subs, the 6538 is the model Sub that Sean Connery wore as James Bond, and one of the most sought after…

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Watches Made with More Than Just Time in Mind

Xetum Watches

Headquartered in San Francisco, Xetum is a rising watch brand that anyone who’s into timepieces should definitely keep an eye on, especially if mid-market pricepoints represent your own personal sweet spot. Designed in the U.S. but built in Switzerland around high-grade Swiss movements, these timepieces provide tremendous value that both fashion lovers and watch aficionados…

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Swear By This Strap

Maratac NATO Watch Straps

Take the U.K. MOD (Ministry of Defense) spec as your basic watch strap, then over engineer it. The result? One of Maratac’s NATO watch straps. NATOs are a favorite of watch geeks everywhere, and there’s reason why. They look great on almost any sports watch (no, not a Timex Ironman) and serve as a lighter,…

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By a SEAL, For a SEAL

RESCO Patriot

WIS (watch idiot savants) like to hold long and protracted arguments over what constitutes a tool watch. R.E. Smith went a different direction. He started RESCO and built the tool watch he wanted – the Patriot. As a Navy SEAL instructor and SEAL Team member, he had an exacting vision of a watch that could…

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What's White, Black, and Red All Over?

TeNo Steel DyRon Sport II Chronograph

As the brain child of the German Jewelery and watch manufacturer, Heinz Schwarz, the TeNo brand stands out primarily for its creative mixing of new and old materials. Distinguished by its bold use of red, white, and black, the New TeNo Steel DyRon Sport II Chronograph is no exception and in many ways seems designed…

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Striking Wrist Appeal That Still Saves Your Wallet

Boccia Titanium Chronograph Watch

Working for a Gear site while cooped up with a bunch of watch nuts eventually starts to rub off. Now if I had actually hit that Lotto jackpot like I was supposed to in my life plan, this new found love for time pieces would have led me straight to the high end luxury brands…

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See the Time, All the Time

Swiss Military Watch Analog Date Commando Diver

Whether it’s a Panerai, Hamilton, Citizen, or Lum-Tec, they all have one thing in common: power. Specifically, a need of an energy source to power its lume. Swiss Military Watch (SMW) takes a different approach to illumination. They use H3 technology in their watches. H3, or tritium, is the third isotope of hydrogen and when…

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The Everyman Dive Watch

Citizen Promaster Aqualand

By Guest Writer and Outdoor Enthusiast Roger Dawkins The Citizen Promaster Aqualand is the everyman dive watch. It’s cool to lust after a Breitling Superocean, a Blancpain 500 Fathoms, or even an Oris TT1 Carlos Costa LE, but it’s way cool to get a watch like this and keep it real, too.

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A Small Classy Watch for a Small Price

Skagen Titanium Case On Black Mesh

Before I ever knew my fellow Gear Patrol watch fiend editors, Skagen always appealed to me as a brand for two reasons. As someone cursed with chicken wrists, their thin casing and small faces fit my arm well. Secondly, the entire line’s minimalist styling always seemed to give off a classy sleek look that belied…

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A Great Looking Watch with a Rather Famous Fan

Jorg Gray 6500 Commemorative Edition Chronograph Watch

I’m not ashamed to admit that, compared to several of Gear Patrol’s other staffers, my knowledge of timepieces is limited. For instance, Brian’s primer on upgrading your watch knowledge was a revelation, and frankly I appreciated someone stating all the basics in such an easy to consume fashion. That said, based on my brief exposure…

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Dive Watch or Leviathan? How about both.

Korsbek Oceaneer

The new Korsbek Oceaneer is another high-quality dive watch emerging from the growing boutique market. We’ve touched on this trend before here at Gear Patrol, introducing you to companies like BaliHa’i and Zinex. These lines are a great place to find yourself a watch on par in quality with any well known brand; plus, you’ll…