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O’Brien Valhalla Wakeboard

The all new for 2007 Cartel Wakeboard is summer watersports action at it’s best. With hundreds of wakeboards out there it’s tough to know what you’re getting into but the crafty engineers over at O’Brien have put all their efforts into this new wakeboard shape which combines primo composite technologies, subtle chevron design and a…

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Diesel 65 Kayak

Don’t let the waves and conditions of whitewater and flat-rivers catch you off guard. The Diesel is the most versatile kayak available. It has a high-volume deck and a forgiving performance-oriented hull providing you with control. Minimal part construction keeps weight and potential breakage down. The Diesel 65 weighs in at 39 lbs. and is…

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Sea-Doo Seascooter Explorer

The idea of scuba diving around underwater passing coral reefs and other exotic life is appealing. The idea of scuba diving without any effort is even more appealing. The new underwater scooter from Sea-Doo is a compact and lightweight dive propulsion vehicle from powered by a rechargeable battery. It is pre-set with three speeds that…

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Land’s End Outrigger Water Shorts

Hold out your pinkie finger and say the following: “I will not wear oversized board shorts this summer unless I am, actually boarding in some fashion.” Good, now that we’ve got that settled, may we suggest you hit the drink with these Outrigger Water Shorts from Land’s End. They feature: Quick dry, UV-protecting nylon Comfortable…