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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Aether Altitude Jacket

Doing battle with black diamonds this winter means swapping your corporate suit for some waterproof armor. The Aether Altitude ($675) has the technical features to protect you from the slings and arrows of an outrageous fall line, September through May. The jacket’s three-layer Schoeller C_change fabric dynamically adjusts water vapor permeability as the temperature changes,…

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Gadget guardian angel

Liquipel Gadget Coating

The long standing feud between your precious gadgets and their arch-nemesis, water, may be officially called off thanks to Liquipel. What is Liquipel exactly? It’s a potent combination of witchcraft and voodoo, or at least that was our first reaction after watching the demo video, which we’ve convienently embedded for you after the break along…

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Bear Grylls Meets Optimus Prime

JakPak All-In-One Jacket, Sleeping Bag & Tent

Preparing for a wet outing in the woods normally involves packing a solid rain shell, a warm sleeping bag and a weather-proof tent. Thanks to some seriously resourceful engineering, the JakPak Jacket ($250) serves as all three — granted with some sacrifices. Made from waterproof, flame retardant material, the jacket features an integrated and detachable…

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Outlier Storm King Shell Parka

We’ve always admired Outlier’s unique blend of style and functionality, and their new Storm King Shell Parka ($650) seems to follow the same great formula. Made from 100% Supermarine cotton, it’s designed to be a highly water resistant and breathable alternative to synthetics like Gore-Tex. Like most of Outlier’s tops, four-way arm construction is also…

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Screen Out Mother Nature

Ciil Technologies Weatherproof HDTV

We’ve put men on the moon. We’ve broken the sound barrier many times over, both in the air and on land. We’ve even cured Polio and managed to inject sweet cream into golden cake sticks of deliciousness that can remain edible for centuries. So it’s about damn time that some company focused on building weatherproof…

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Don't Let Moisture Slow You Down

66° North Glymur Men’s Jacket

Pretty much any dude who has spent even one night outdoors knows of brands like North Face and Patagonia. They have a reputation for making high quality gear that many outdoor enthusiasts swear by (including several of Gear Patrol’s editors). Being the type of men who are always curious to discover new brands though, we…

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Your Laptop's Best Friend for Battling Mother Nature

Ken Kai DRI Welded Seam Computer Messenger

Whatever your style is, chances are there’s a laptop bag for sale that matches it. For those who tote their computer on a daily basis, though, things like comfort and protection are far more important than looks, particularly for long commutes walking outside. Along that line, luggage manufacturer Ken Kai’s new DRI laptop messenger bags…

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Before Gore-Tex, There Was (and is) Waxed Cotton

Barbour Beaufort Jacket

As our man Jon Gaffney explained in his previous coverage of Barbour, this well known English brand has been making the ultimate waterproof outwear since time immemorial. Well, almost. Made from Barbour’s legendary waterproof, wax-treated cotton (100%), the Beaufort epitomizes what Barbour has become famous for and serves as the perfect mid-weight jacket for your…

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H20 Audio Waterproof iPod Cases

[click on image to enlarge] By Guest Writer Mark Arevalo I don’t usually listen to music when I workout. It messes with my pace and it’s just dangerous when I’m cycling through the city. But surfing is a whole different story. I’ve sat on my board in between sets wishing I could listen to the…

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Sentry Safe Fireproof/Waterproof Data Storage Chest

Are you the kind of guy that keeps critical data lying around on discs? Do you fret everyday that your hard drive full of office documents porn data is going to be lost in a fire? Well, fear not – your technology can survive the worst safely secured in a Sentry Safe Fire/Waterproof Data Storage…