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You should unwind -- but your favorite timepiece shouldn't

Wound Up: 5 Best Watch Winders

A self-winding mechanical watch only lives up to its name if it’s kept moving. On your wrist, there's no problem -- the motion of your arm keeps the rotor spinning, which winds the mainspring. But leave it on your bedside table for a couple of days and you’ll need to crank it by hand and set the time and date. While that’s no great hardship with one or two watches, once your collection grows to more than that, you’re going to want a watch winder. So which one to get? The one in the SkyMall catalog should be fine for your $40,000 Patek Philippe, right? Wrong. We’ve rounded up five of the best winders, from $40 to $7,000, to help you choose the right one for your budget and your quiver of timepieces.

All Wound Up and Somewhere To Go

Wolf Designs Viceroy 2.7 Module Watch Winders (50% off!)

Wolf Designs is generously offering Gear Patrol readers 50% off any non-sale item over $50 including the Viceroy 2.7 Module Watch Winder. Enter promo code: PATROL50 at checkout. Expires July 20. Wearing the HM3 Frog as your everyday beater isn’t a luxury many of us can afford to have. So when presented with the option,...