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Great Advice from a Dozen Great Women

The Valentine’s Day Journal

Confronted with two contradictory truths that nevertheless exist simultaneously — Valentine’s Day is a superficial Hallmark holiday, Valentine’s Day requires decisive action on our part — we fumble around and fuck things up. Knowing this, we came up with one very good idea: asking the women we trust what they think about love, romance and February’s big holiday. They’re bright, beautiful and successful. They’re sommeliers, teachers and racecar drivers. They’re editors, photographers and athletes. These are their insights.

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Gear Girl – Brooklyn Decker

[click on image to enlarge] Pardon us as we try to figure out how to turn ourselves into moss. That or Andy Roddick. Brooklyn Decker who not only has one of the best names we’ve heard in a long time is also Roddick’s fiancee. Decker graces the pages of 2008’s Sports Illustrated. Born April 12,…

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Anne Hathaway in Get Smart

[click on image to enlarge] Like a fine wine, things get better with time. Now that Anne Hathaway has graduated from her Princess Diary days and moved onto films like Havoc, Brokeback Mountain and The Devil Wears Prada (admit it, you’ve seen it) we can better appreciate the New York native. You can see her…

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Gear Girl – Louise Glover

[click on image to enlarge] Not unlike this summer, Louise Glover is blistering hot. An English model (we have a propensity for them) selected as Miss Great Britain in 2000, Playboy’s Model of the Year in 2006, and Miss Hawaiina Tropic UK in 2007 has earned the respect of many men. Born on February 8,…

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Grace Park on Complex Magazine

[click on image to enlarge] Grace Park has set us agog as robot Boomer/Athena the past five years on Battlestar Gallactica, the un-nerdy sci-fi show. Now, the slightly elusive 34 year old American-Canadian Korean actress/model captivates us on the cover and pages of Complex Magazine’s June-July issue. Make sure to read her feature on Complex….

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Gear Girl – Laura Vandervoort

[click on image to enlarge] First and foremost Laura Vandervoort has a second degree black belt. Yes, she plays the role of Supergirl (Kara), but we find it much more intriguing that she has a second degree black belt. There’s something quite nice about a woman you know can take you down, quite nice indeed….

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Gear Girl – Alexandra Kamp

[click on image to enlarge] Honestly though, are 42 year old women allowed to look this good? Um, yes. In the spirit of recent holidays that conjure up appreciation of older women we thought Alexandra Kamp a nice addition to a much needed infusion of Gear Girls. Alexandra Kamp-Groeneveld was born December 29, 1966. Yes,…

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The Complete Pirelli Calendars: 1964-2007

There is no finer way to keep track of the date than a Pirelli Calendar. Unfortunately, the calendar has never been an item your mere dollars could purchase as it’s never been sold commercially. So your hopes of replacing the corporate gift 365 day golf tips calendar are far from being realized. For the lucky…

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Vegan Vixens

[click on image to enlarge] We have no qualms with the betterment of all mankind. We certainly have no problem with the betterment of all mankind through promotion. And we definitely have no problem with this promotion through the beauty of the female form. Meet the Vegan Vixens, a group of women whose goal is…

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Gear Girl – Sayaka Ando

[click on image to enlarge] There’s not a lot we know about Sayaka Ando. She works as a professional model and a former race girl. Honestly though, do you care? She’s gorgeous enough to raise the value of the Yen on looks alone. Date of Birth: May 24, 1981 Place of Birth: Miyagi Prefecture, Japan…

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GP Salute – Women

[click on image to enlarge] February 14th. They might as well call it National Woman’s Day. An overhyped, overcommercialized day of pink, roses and chocolate. We don’t buy into it yet we succumb to it’s powers – buying gifts, dinner at marquee restaurants, sending flowers and making extraordinary efforts in what feels like a contest…