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Today in Gear: February 4, 2014

Today in gear, we find a biker’s backpack made from Cordura fabric, an itsy bitsy audio recorder, a novel way to learn Chinese, an app for spinning your Spotify and much more.

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Abbey Road, to Go

Zoom H6

It’s 2013. Zoom has held an iron grip on the portable recording industry for seven years and needs to improve on an excellent product. What do they do? They release the H6 ($400), a new recorder that takes everything that mobile maestros loved about the previous H4 and H4n models and adds versatility and power.

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Abbey (on the) Road Studios

Zoom R8

About the only thing music production and portability share in common are the letter ‘p’. That is, unless you find yourself equipped with the new Zoom R8 ($299). The 8-track portable controller takes Zoom’s renown on-the-go audio capture capabilities and meshes it with an all-new controller capable of 2-track simultaneous recording via its built-in mics…

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How ‘Bout Some Audio With Yer Video

Zoom Q3 Handy Video Recorder

Samson has been very successful in the audio-gear business – “so let’s take our knowledge of sound and make the foray into video,” cheered the engineers, as they hit on a eureka moment. And jump on the bandwagon they did, with the new Zoom Q3 Handy Video Recorder, which sports a pair of stereo condenser…