Callaway HX Tour 56 Golf Balls

Callway HX Tour Golf Balls

The HX 56 gives Tour-proven performance with softer feel and more greenside control. New Sub-HEX design creates more consistency and tour-type trajectory.

[from Golf Galaxy]

  • Soft, Thin Urethane Cover: The cover’s softness provides delicate feel and increased spin around the greens, while its thinness leads to high speed and low spin off the driver to maximize distance. This optimized combination of cover softness, thinness and consistency is accomplished by the advanced proprietary Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) process.
  • Firm Boundary Layer: Reduces driver spin for longer, straighter ball flight.
  • Proprietary Core: Unique chemical composition for a large, highly resilient rubber core that is faster and softer. The lively formulation improves distance and feel for more length off the tee with great feel around the greens.
  • HEX Aerodynamics w/Sub-HEX Design: This creates a thinner, more consistent cover and a precisely centered core for more stability, consistency and a tour-type trajectory. HEX Aerodynamics replaces conventional dimples with a unique pattern of hexagons and pentagons to virtually eliminate the seam, enhancing consistency and reducing drag for exceptional distance and amazing flight stability.

What this means to you: Tour-Performance. Not necessaily Tour-Price.

Cost: $39.99 @ Golf Galaxy