2007 Wallypower 118 Motor Yacht

Wallypower 118 Motor Yacht

Don’t call it a speedboat, but could you imagine yourself on the lake being pulled by this? It’s doubtful that the boat even has a tow-rope latch but it sure would be an experience, so long as it didn’t rip your arms off.

There’s really not much further way to explain this thing other than it has THREE 5,600 Horsepower engines and will take your 6 guests + 6 crew members to 60 knots in Lazzerini & Pickering swaddled joy.
Oh, and yes – this is the boat some of you may recognize from the movie, “The Island”

Review on Power & Motoryacht
What this means to you: Probably not designed for a little family jaunt – unless your last name starts with ‘Gat’ and ends with ‘es’. But it sure would look good behind that Ford F-450 Super Duty when you show up at your child’s school lake party.

Cost: $16.5 million | Price as shown: $24.5 million (gulp)