MLB.TV 2007 Streaming Video

MLB.TV (Major League Baseball) has upped their quality on video to 700kbps of windows media streaming glory. The video quality is amazing and if you’re a baseball fan – $119.00 is not a major price to pay for every 2007 regular season out-of-market game, live. The subscription service starts today – April 2 and blackout restrictions apply.

  • Watch any 6 games LIVE
  • Player Tracker alerts you when your facotie players come to bat (a must for Fantasy owners)
  • Instantaneous audio-switching (listen to game of your choice)
  • The player is PC/Mac compatible
  • Includes GameDay Audio
  • Condensed games, searchable video, clickable linescores, baseball channel, extended highlights.

Cost: $119.95 yearly, $19.95 monthly @ MLB.TV