2008 BMW M3

The new M3 has grown up. More of a GT than a racer, it will deliver it’s promise of go-fast stop-fast and turn-fast. BMW’s bread and butter inline six is now 30-pound-lighter, 4.0-liter V8 pulled from the M5 V10.

  • It produces 420 hp at 8300 rpm, and 295 lb-ft at 3900 rpm
  • Redlines at 8400, and AW promises an exhaust growl to die for.
  • Six speed manual available.

What this means to you: This is a demon car that will continue to set the benchmark in this category and class of cars. We suggest holding off on dropping the cash to reserve one of these beauties as the Mercedes CLK63 Black Series, and Audi RS5 may offer a qualified competitor.

Cost: Est. Base MSRP: $53,975 + Dealer markup | Well equipped: $62,425

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2008 BMW M3